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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is Fear Holding You Back?

There are two ways to approach the things we fear. The first is that we allow fear to intimidate us, triggering our flight response. As a result, we run away to avoid the source of discomfort. On the other hand, we might face our fears head on, removing their power. By rising above what we fear most we allow ourselves the freedom...
Feeling Inadequate?

Feeling Inadequate?

If you are like most women, or even some men, then you might already know how designer sizing makes healthy individuals feel inadequate. Before you start to panic, remind yourself that it is not your job to shrink in order to fit. Designers make us fit into their clothes when they should be making clothes to fit us...
What Does Bleach Have to Do With <br>Our Food And Our Microbiome?

What Does Bleach Have to Do With
Our Food And Our Microbiome?

When you come home from the grocery store, do ever notice that the plastic bags the food is in smell like bleach? There are actually bleach VOCs in the plastic, which leach into your food. When you eat your food, even after it is washed, these VOC’s are killing some of your microbiome.