Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Promoting a healthy lymphatic system to fight off germs and illness.

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a holistic approach to promote a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for moving fluids throughout your body and also for the moving of toxins away from healthy cells. This system carries germ-fighting materials to the cells of the body when they come under attack by various viruses. LDT is a specialized type of therapy that is responsible for helping the body produce a functioning lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Energy Matters

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy May Include:

  • A reduction in swelling, such as edemas and lymphedemas
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Regeneration of tissue including burns, wounds and wrinkles
  • Relief of numerous chronic and subacute inflammations, including sinusitis, bronchitis and otitis
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Reduction in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Antispastic actions to relieve conditions such as muscle hypertonus and some forms of constipation
  • Alleviation of adiposis and cellulite tissue
  • Pre-op health/Post-op healing
  • Improved immune system function
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Deep relaxation to aid insomnia, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory
Booking An Appointment:

Rose Boghos is a Massachusetts-based Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, offering her services by phone so that you may experience the benefits anywhere. A Lymphatic Drainage Phone Session can be purchased from the website at any time. You can select a session that is 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Schedule your appointment by calling or emailing Rose directly. Requests may also be submitted through this Contact Form.


     For questions about scheduling, frequency, or payments, you may wish to visit the FAQ section.

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    "Rose is an asset to the alternative medical profession"

    Rose is a, extremely well educated professional whose knowledge goes well beyond the average health care provider. She is continually educating herself in her field. Over the years I have trusted Rose not only to work with me on my specific health needs, but she has also helped both my children with their health issues whether sports related, nutrition related or medically related. Rose doesn't just focus on the symptom but focuses on everything related to the symptom. Rose is an asset to the alternative medical profession and comes highly recommended.

    - Carol Buonopane, Boston Area

    "Rose creates a space in her practice where clients feel safe and cared for and where deep healing can unfold. "

    Through her years of practice and wide-ranging experiences, Rose has cultivated the skillful means to tune into the unique needs of each client. Her intuitive insights prompt her to ask the good questions the ones that gently usher her clients towards their own self-discovery and personal revelations. Rose creates a space in her practice where clients feel safe and cared for and where deep healing can unfold. Whether she is working energetically with your subtle bodies and spiritual needs, or working with you to strengthen your physical body through nutritional and supplement counseling, Rose has your highest option for healing as her guiding principal. Thank you Rose for being there and taking such wonderful care of me and mine when we needed you most!

    Jenny Hwozdek, Certified Professional Homeopathic Consultant and Educator