ASAT C.O.R.E Counseling

Purpose: Remove unserving patterns and beliefs that prevent you from living your best life.

ASAT C.O.R.E. Counseling

What Is ASAT C.O.R.E?

Founded by the American Society of Alternative Therapists (ASAT™), C.O.R.E Counseling enables a client to identify the beliefs and agendas that negatively affect their life patterns. These beliefs and patterns cause a wealth of troubles: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through a series of sessions, the client is empowered to direct their own will toward releasing the destructive patterns and non-serving energies that form the “first cause” of all life problems.

Conscious, Ownership, Retrieval/Release and Engage 

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The efficacy of the ASAT™ C.O.R.E. approach lies in its ability to help the client become Conscious of the root cause of the non-serving energy quickly without getting bogged down by resistances. Once the non-serving energy is identified and the unaddressed beliefs, agendas and emotions are Owned; lost gifts, strengths and talents can be located and Retrieved. Once retrieved, the limiting beliefs, agendas and non-serving emotions can be Released and the energy and attention used to manifest the non-serving energy can be redirected, along with the gifts, strengths and talents to Engage, consciously, a more abundant and healthy future.


ASAT™ C.O.R.E. is uniquely effective for three reasons:

  • ASAT™ C.O.R.E. places greater emphasis on changing the foundation of non-serving energy than on simply fixing it.

  • Where other systems attempt to trigger cures through the use of “impact” generating approaches and technologies, ASAT™ C.O.R.E. heals by “resonance” (the ultimate means of all causation). This resonance is employed, not by a therapist, but by the client’s own will, dynamic imagination and conscious choice.

  • ASAT™ C.O.R.E. places greater emphases on what the client is becoming rather than where the client has been.

Rose Boghos is a Massachusetts-based ASAT C.O.R.E Practitioenr, offering her services by phone so that you may experience the benefits anywhere. You are invited to purchase consultation time below. Contact Rose to schedule a convenient phone appointment. Email:


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