"What's Up?" Meditation

Energy Matters, LLC: What's Up Meditation

“What’s Up?” Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool. Its efficacy has been proven through scientific research. This special meditation was personally developed by Rose. She knows that though life is a joy and a blessing, it is also rife with struggles that threaten an individual’s balance and can drain their energy. Sometimes it is difficult to experience harmony because there is a need for answers or solutions.

“What’s Up?” Meditation is a personalized practice that will help one to identify the road blocks that no longer serve the individual and that impact their experience of life. In turn, this allows the individual to feel freer, more grounded, and energetic.
First, the client will be invited to get comfortable in a safe and serene environment. Then they will be guided into a thought provoking meditation, allowing them to empty thoughts that no longer serve them. Innately, you will unlock your own powerful intuition. This can lead to brilliant epiphanies and peaceful resolutions.Energy Matters, LLC: "What's Up?" Meditation

Some Benefits of “What’s Up?”Meditation:

  • Discover brilliant epiphanies
  • Find resolutions
  • Gain insight
  • Identify road blocks


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