Guided "What's Up?" Meditation

Guided Meditation Insights and Ephiphanies

Meditation is a powerful tool. The efficacy of which has been repeatedly proven through scientific research. Energy Matters, LLC.'s special "What's Up?" Meditation was personally developed by Rose Roghos. She knows that though life is a joy and a blessing, it is also rife with struggles that drain our energy and threaten our sense of balance. Sometimes it is difficult to experience harmony because there is a need for answers or solutions.

"What’s Up?” Meditation is a personalized practice for identifying the blocks or patterns that no longer serve the individual and that impact their experience of life in an unpleasant way.

Finding and releasing nonserving pathways leaves us feeling free, grounded, and energized.

What to Expect: First, the client will be invited to get comfortable in a safe and serene environment. Then they will be guided into a thought provoking meditation, allowing them to empty thoughts that no longer serve them. Innately, you will unlock your own powerful intuition. This can lead to brilliant epiphanies and peaceful resolutions. 

 Possible Benefits:
  • Discover brilliant epiphanies
  • Find resolutions
  • Gain insight
  • Identify road blocks
  • Feel free and energized
  • Become grounded
Booking An Appointment:

A "What's Up?" Meditation Session can be purchased from the website at any time by submitting an order for a consultation. You can select a session that is 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. Then, schedule your appointment by calling or emailing Rose directly. Requests may also be submitted through this Contact Form.


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