Mindful Exercises: What Is Grounding?

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” ― J.R. Rim


What is the best way to relieve stress or anxiety quickly? The answer is to become more grounded in the moment. Grounding is a mindful way of self-centering and allowing unserving energies and emotions to leave your body. In this blog we will discuss how it works.

Psychology Today recommends grounding as a means for calming panic attacks. According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, grounding is also good for your heart health because it reduces free radicals, inflammation, and possibly even chronic pain.

Why Is Grounding Important?

Summer is finally here. Though we imagine summer as a relaxing, carefree time, we often find that our days more consumed than ever before. There is much to accomplish and experience while the sun is still shining and the grass is still green, and we find that our plates are already full.

There is a bounty of commitments between work, family, and friends, not to mention the leisure activities we hoped to squeeze in. If you already have found yourself overwhelmed and frazzled, then you are not alone. It is common to feel as though you are drowning when you are faced with too much to do and too little time. How can you get yourself to relax and relieve all that stress?

Getting Grounded In This Moment

The best way to begin is to find a focal point. Pinpoint an object, be it a seashell, a stone, the flame of a candle, or even a small leaf blowing in the breeze. Choose your object and focus all of your energy in that direction. Then, take a few calming breaths. You may keep your eyes open or close them, whichever is most comfortable. 

The nice thing about grounding is that it can be performed anywhere and takes just a minute or two, though you can certainly continue for longer if you like. After your cleansing breaths, focus your attention on your mind’s eye. Imagine that your body is a grid. Seek the center point. Move all of your energy toward that point.

When you arrive at the center, envision energy flowing away from this point of intersection. See the energy flowing down one of the grid lines, continuing on until it finds its way to the ground. Send with it whatever has caused you to become unsettled. Release the tension and watch it travel down the gridline so that it too becomes grounded.

As you do this, you may feel the energy shifting or leaving your body. You may feel nothing. However, over time you will sensitize yourself and in doing so you will eventually be able to feel the energy moving. By getting grounded, you may find yourself open to all the sunshine that summer has to offer.

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What To Remember:

The desire to embrace summer to its fullest can lead to a crowded schedule.
When our plates are too full, we become stressed and overwhelmed.
Grounding is a quick and easy way to reestablish sanity and calm.
This process involves self-centering and allowing unserving energy to leave.



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