A Guide to EMF Rocks Grounding Bags


Can EMF Rocks Grounding bags offer protection and grounding while improving deep sleep and boosting your energy?  After hearing a lot of good things about these bags, I decided to try them for myself.  Let's first explore the mechanism behind their effectiveness, then I'll share some insights from my own experience.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, also known as radiation.  The most significant sources of EMFs are power lines, Wi-Fi, and electronic devices.  These invisible stressors affect our health and our bodies.  They disrupt sleep cycles and increase stress levels, inflammation and degeneration, which we know is associated to many chronic diseases.

EMF Rocks

Modern life is filled with EMFs.  We carry cell phones, work on computers.  We wear smart watches and fitness trackers to monitor our health.  These tools can be beneficial, but those benefits don't come without harm. It's important to Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation by reducing exposure.  Obviously, the more you can reduce your exposure to EMF, the better.  But living EMF-free while enjoying modern conveniences is nearly impossible.  EMF Rocks proposes a simple solution with their revolutionary grounding bags.

What's In The Bag?

EMF Rocks grounding bags contain magnetic Tesla crystals which are hand-mined and hot sealed to preserve the integrity of the earth's natural resonance.   These crystals push away EMFs, ground you, and supercharge your body.   This is the most natural EMF protection available. 

These bags make it possible to live in a modern world and utilize practical technology, while also protecting your energy.  EMF Rocks grounding bags are designed to protect your home, office, and any other space where you spend your time.  You can also bring the mini bags with you for convenient protection as you travel.

The Activation Technique

Unnatural EMF carries a positive ionic charge.  Humans, the ocean, and even the earth itself carries a negative ionic charge.  A negative charge is conducive to the energy of life.  EMF radiation interferes with our charge, and even can de-charge our most vital systems.

Because of this, your eyes, teeth, thymus and small intestine get de-charged from man-made EMF.  EMF Rocks Founder Justin Frandson suggests an Applied Kinesiology technique to activate the crystals and recharge your body as soon as you receive your grounding bag.

  • Hold the Grounding Bag in your lap.
  • With one hand, tap the bag for 20 seconds.
  • Meanwhile, cover your eyes with your other hand.
  • Repeat this technique, covering your teeth, thymus (upper chest), and small intestine (below your belly button) for 20 seconds each.
  • Repeat this as often or as many times as you need to feel recharged. It is impossible to do this too much.

This tapping technique will multiply most people's energy by ten!  By tapping into the energy carried by the crystals, you may clear stuck energies from your biofield.  Your own energy becomes integrated with the crystals.

Deep Sleep Recharge

One of the best side effects of tapping into the tesla crystals is that you may experience the deepest, most restful sleep ever.  Remember, sleep affects everything!

EMF radiation has a tendency to cause generalized anxiety and hinder relaxation.  Those who are sensitive to EMF often experience restlessness, poor quality sleep, and even insomnia.  Placing one or more EMF Rocks Grounding Bags in your bedroom promotes uninterrupted REM sleep and more lucid dreaming.

Rodney White, an independent doctor, tested EMF Rocks Deep Sleep Grounding Bags for three months.  The results?  The Grounding Bags consistently improved the quantity of deep sleep experienced by 50%-60%.

These amazing benefits come just from placing an EMF Grounding Bag under your bed.  Though, for more intense sleep challenges, you can also place a bag on your bed, preferably near the head of the bed.  The closer you are to the bag, the more profound the effects may be.

Recharging Your EMF Bags

I haven't needed to recharge my bags yet, but I did read about how to do this, and I think it is an interesting technique.  Because the Tesla crystals are from the earth and carry the earth's pulse, they are then recharged through contact with the earth.

To recharge your grounding bag, simply place it on the ground outside for a minute or two.  You can place something down so the bag doesn't get soiled.  While the full-sized bags don't need to be recharged very often, only once every few months, the mini grounding bags would really benefit from recharging every couple of weeks.

Once you have recharged your bag with the earth, tap the bag as described above to activate the crystals, clearing and integrating your own biofield.

Personal Experience

After reading about the experiences of others, I decided to give the bags a try too.  I was very pleased with the results, so much so that I reached out to the company in order to make the bags available to my clients. 

Energy Matters LLC Consultations

They work wonderfully, and I want to share the benefits with everyone.  What better gift to share than a full night of deep, restorative sleep?  Plus, all the additional benefits of EMF protection.   To purchase an EMF Rocks Grounding Bag, click here to order online. Or, ask Rose during your next consultation.

For personalized guidance on improving your sleep and/or protecting against EMF, schedule a phone consultation with Rose Boghos.  Visit my Comprehensive Lifestyle Education and Intuitive Healing Remote Consultations page for more information, or use the purchase button below..


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What To Remember:

EMF from electronic devices carries a positive charge, which is opposite to our natural negative charge.

Exposure to too much EMF can make us feel stressed and restless, and may contribute to insomnia and even chronic disease. 

EMF Rocks grounding bags contain natural tesla crystals that push away EMFs, ground you, and supercharge your body.  


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