Taking A Break From EMF Radiation

“If you do not see light at the end of the tunnel, consider it an opportunity to create an opening yourself, wherever you want.” ― Ashok Kallarakkal


unplug - taking a break from emf radiation

Are you feeling mentally or physically overwhelmed? You may be in need of an EMF detox. Just as you detox your body from unhealthy foods, toxins, or parasites, your body needs to detox from technology. Our phones, computers, televisions, and even household appliances all give off EMF (Electromagnetic radiation) which can be taxing on the body as well as your energetic wellness. Nearby cell towers, Wi-Fi, and powerlines can be especially hazardous.

EMF disrupts the energy in our environment. As a result, it also has been shown to disrupt nearly every system of the body in unhealthy ways. EMF is able to penetrate our DNA at a cellular level (NCBI, 2017). It raises blood pressure and anxiety, inflames our experience of stress, distorts blood cells, disrupts sleep cycles, harms fertility, and even makes us more vulnerable to depression and other mood disorders.

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Some studies even link EMF Radiation with chronic disease, tumors, and cancer, particularly leukemia. The radiation associated with EMF may also lead to premature aging by reducing the presence of collagen in the skin.

This damage may be multiplied for individuals who have EMF hypersensitivity. Though EMF is largely silent and invisible, those who are sensitive report feeling bombarded by their environment. If you often feel unwell with no clear cause, or if you experience frequent unexplained headaches, EMF could potentially be to blame.

It is essential that we take time to unplug in an EMF safe zone. Spending some time in nature can provide a nice break while also reducing stress or anxiety. When plotting your adventure, look for white zones—those with no cell reception. White zones are safe havens from EMF.

Another option is visiting an EMF detox retreat. These are popping up in rural locations across the country. You may have heard of the Quiet Dome in California or the Tabauche Refugium of Colorado..

Digital Detox-- Taking A Break From EMF Radiation- Energy Matters LLCIf you can’t travel, you can still greatly reduce your exposure and enjoy a modified detox by unplugging and turning off all the electronics in your home for 24-48 hours. This means taking a break from social media as well, which in itself has enormous psychological benefits.

Without electronics, we become more grounded in the present. You might choose to sit and meditate or go for a quiet stroll, taking time to fully engage with your surroundings and your loved ones wholeheartedly. You may be surprised by how light and energized you start to feel after even a short break from EMF.

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What To Remember:
If you feel bombarded by your environment, EMF could be the cause.
Though it sometimes goes unnoticed, EMF radiation can damage your body at a cellular level.
Taking a break from EMF is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and your health.



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