Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation

Energy Matters, LLC has completed a review of existing research so you can learn how to protect yourself from EMF Radiation. Everything on the planet emits some form of electromagnetic field. The majority of these fields are characterized by a low intensity, particularly natural plants, animals, and landscapes. 

protect yourself from emf radiation

Electronic devices produce EMFs that are intensely magnified, especially things like household appliances, power lines, Wi-Fi, phone lines, radio signals, and cell phone towers. Because these waves are stronger, their effects are multiplied exponentially. 

In science terms, EM refers to the electromagnetic spectrum of photons that make up this type of radiation. Electromagnetic radiation literally refers to photons, or light particles, with wave-like movements. Because these photons move at the speed of light, everything in their vicinity is affected immediately. The more powerful the EMF, the bigger and more widely-spread impact it will have. 

The energetic strength of these photons is expressed in wavelengths or frequency. The shorter the wavelength and the greater the frequency; both equate to more energy.

Take for example the average household appliance powered by electrical lines. These tend to emit long wavelengths with a frequency between 50 or 60 Hz. In contrast, a cell phone tower emits more potent microwaves at 1900 MHz. Higher frequency means higher risk. The overall affect also varies according to your distance from the object emitting the waves.

How does EMF Radiation affect your health?

Our energetic bodies are sensitive. Though some are more sensitive than others, we are all affected by the energy in our environments. Studies suggest that electromagnetic field radiation can alter every one of your body systems.

For starters, EMF affects your health by distorting your blood cells or causing them to clump together, leading to blood disorders. It also can stimulate the production of proteins associated with stress, thereby causing us to feel stressed and activate that fight or flight adrenaline response, even when we should be at ease. This exchange exacerbates anxiety disorders. It also contributes to heart disease by raising blood pressure levels.


EMF Rocks - Grounding Bags - Better Sleep

EMFs reduce the body’s production of essential components like melatonin or serotonin. This disrupts our sleep cycles and leaves us vulnerable to bad moods or even depression. A study published in New Scientist in 2008 also found that women exposed to radiation had a reduced presence of the protein collagen in their skin, a sign of premature aging.

For men, EMF exposure has been linked to a reduced sperm production, a problem for families interested in reproducing. In severe circumstances, EMF radiation can even alter our body’s ability to complete DNA repair within the cells.

Over time, this can lead to serious chronic disease and cancer especially. Research conducted by the National Research Council of Bologna in 2002 found a link between EMF Radiation and increased replication of Leukemia cells.

What areas represent the highest risk?

The closer you are to the EMF source, the more radiation you will encounter. Having multiple sources of powerful EMF radiation in a concentrated area can be downright over-whelming. It makes sense that a booming metropolis area with a greater population and more industry or development will have more electricity lines, more cell phones, more appliances, and more Wi-Fi hotspots when compared to a more rural and relatively undeveloped region. Natural News contends that the “smarter” our cities become, the more dangerous they are to our health (2017).

That said, cities aren’t the only areas where people should be concerned with EMF radiation. Those in rural areas that happen to be in close proximity to cell phone or radar towers also have reason to proceed with caution.

protect yourself from emf radiation

Many companies sell protection devices. Do any of them work?

There are numerous products on the market that promise to reduce your radiation exposure, but it can be difficult to gauge which are actually effective. Below you’ll find a few devices with positive reviews and sound scientific backing. 

The very best thing you can do is to turn your home into a personal sanctuary from EMF in order to limit personal exposure in your home. For starters, only allow low-frequency appliances, and as sparingly as possible. Turn off your Wi-Fi router when it isn’t in use, and avoid keeping your cell phone on your person at all times. If the majority of your time throughout the day, eating, sleeping, and leisure, occurs at your home or unplugged in nature, then you will have a good handle on protecting your health. The devices below can take that protection a step further..

protective pendantProtective Pendants
One “device” that is proving effective is the Anti-EMF Radiation Pendant. This works by creating a protective field to repel EMFs from your person. This protective field can actually be measured; it resonates at 7.83 Hz. Including elements such as lava and tourmaline, the pendant neutralizes EMF radiation to restore or maintain balance. It also arms you with the power of positive energy. The main benefit is that the pendant can be worn anywhere.

protect yourself from emfPhone Sleeves
A second simple and convenient protective device is an anti-radiation phone sleeve. This protects you from the field that is carried by your phone by containing the EMF inside the sleeve, reducing its impact on you and your health. Similar shields are now being produced for tablets, iPads, and laptops as well. Just be sure to choose one that contains as much surface area as possible for complete EMF containment.

Electric Outlet Filter
If you choose to acquire just one device to protect your home and person, this should be it. You'll need electric outlet filers to reduce EMF Radiation throughout your space. Think of the network of electricity wires running through your home. The Stetzerizer Filter was designed by Dr. Martin Graham, a professor from the Electronics Research Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley. This device is an EMF Radiation suppressor. It is simple to use by plugging into any outlet. They work best when several are scattered throughout your home. These may measurably reduce the presence of high frequencies within your environment.

For more personalized advice on eliminating the effects of EMF Radiation exposure, schedule a phone consultation


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What To Remember:
Everything on the planet has an electromagnetic field, including you.
You are vulnerable to the EMFs in your environment.
Some devices are proving to be effective at protecting against EMF’s.
The most important step you can take is to make your home a sanctuary from EMF radiation.


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