Reiki Level I: A Manual For Self-Healing

Reiki Level I: A Manual For Self-Healing

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This manual will help those wanting to learn more about Reiki for healing. It is intended to provide a general understanding in combination with future or prior Reiki Training. Level I presents basic theories and procedures for proximity healing.

Some of the topics covered include:

- An understanding of the Reiki Story/History

- What is Reiki?

- Benefits of Reiki

- Basic Reiki Principles 

- Understanding Reiki Attunement

- Reiki Positions for Self-Caring

- How Reiki Affects Pets and Plants

- Overview of the 7 Major Chakras

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This ebook purchase does not include consultation time nor Reiki Training. For personalized guidance or a Reiki Therapy Session, you are invited to purchase and schedule a consultation separately. 

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