What Are Energetic Blockages?

“Our whole energy remains blocked either in the past or in the future. When you withdraw all your energy from past and future a tremendous explosion happens.”— Rajneesh

Have you noticed that some aspects of life are effortless? These parts naturally flow with ease. Meanwhile, other aspects are stunted by insurmountable challenge and frustration. Do parts of yourself seem stuck due to past trauma, patterns, or emotions? Are you unable to progress or move forward? You may be experiencing an energetic blockage.

What Are Energetic Blockages?

When your chakras are out of balance, the life force (chi) is not able to flow freely. Instead of releasing energies or emotions, we hold on to them. Blockages form as we trap unserving energy, pain, conditioning, or trauma. Therefore, the term energetic blockage is often assigned to unhealed wounds. Often these wounds are subconscious.

Even the wounds that you are unaware of can dramatically impact your life. They manifest as emotional and physical symptoms of distress. Not only can they hold you back from living your best life, but they may also contribute to the experience of disease.

By releasing these blocked energies, you are able to eliminate the blockage and heal the wound. This opens the pathway to manifesting your Highest Good.

Types of Blockages

In order to remove a blockage, you first need to trace the block down to the original source. It may help to first identify what type of energy blockage you are experiencing.

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Emotional Trauma Blockage - Suppressing emotions and trauma is the most common source of an energetic block. If you don’t process pain, it will resurface or manifest as anger, fear, guilt or anxiety. It can also cause physical symptoms, typically digestive issues, insomnia or fatigue.

Subconscious Blockage - Ninety percent of your brain function is entirely subconscious (Huffpost, 2017). You may have a mental block that you are entirely unaware of. A subconscious blockage will often manifest as self-destructive thoughts or patterns of behavior.

Spiritual Blockage – This type of blockage relates to your auric body, which is prone to pick up external imprints and attachments. A spiritual blockage can also be caused by a disconnect between your spiritual beliefs and the manifestation of self.

Relationship Blockage – Relationships can be challenging whether we are talking about romance, friendships, or family. Unhealthy relationships can cause energetic blockages of emotions, which often manifest as physical tension or an inability to express oneself or communicate effectively.

Goal Blockage – This energetic blockage makes it difficult to set and manifest realistic life goals. The blockage sabotages your personal power and ability to focus and follow through. These are most often rooted in fear.

What Are Energetic Blockages?

Self-Expression Blockage – You may find yourself so caught up in your career and relationships that you forget to also nurture self. When you fail to acknowledge your true self, and your own intentions, you lose sight of what matters. Loud physical symptoms can arise as a way of Self calling out for help.

An energy blockage can impact one or many aspects of your life. It is essential to work holistically in fostering deep clearing. Energy Matters, LLC. offers many modalities for clearing energetic blockages. Schedule a consultation with Rose to get started. If you are unsure which modality best suits your needs, use this form to request guidance.


What To Remember:
An energetic blockage occurs when the life force is unable to circulate freely.
There are many types of energetic blockages, which may manifest both physically and emotionally.
Identifying and clearing a blockage must be done carefully and holistically.



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