It's All A Maze

“To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.” -Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai

Life doesn’t always flow smoothly. Sometimes it’s all a maze. Another roadblock appears at every turn, blocking the road to success. Can you figure out how to get out of the maze and stop the looping? I believe you can because you are the hero of your own story. If we are each writing our own history, then doesn’t the hero always win? You will experience success if you can figure out how to get out of the maze.

There is a roadmap for escaping this maze. Here are the steps. First, you have to recognize that you are in a maze. Evoke the skill of mindfulness. Secondly, you have to want to get out. Set this as your intention. The third step is believing there is an exit. Envision the exit in your mind’s eye. The fourth and final step is perhaps the most powerful: You stop playing.

You are only trapped in the maze if you are willing to play along, just like a video game. How do you stop the video game? You turn off the device. If you want back into the game later, you can restart or go back to where you left off. Is that really what you want to do? I don’t. I am not willing to give the ‘maze controls’ over to anyone. Therefore, I’m choosing not to play by discontinuing the loop.

Have you ever heard of looping? Looping is when something continues to run like a CD programed to restart each time it reaches the end. Your loop is continuously running and you are trapped in a maze. Alan Mission of Spiritual Wisdom notes that “Sometimes the problems of the maze of life are so difficult that we feel frustrated and trapped by our circumstances with no obvious way out ahead and we lose our way. And the maze of life affects us not just at the physical level but also at the deeper spiritual level of thoughts and feelings.” If you stay where you are, you’ll always reach the same dead end. The solution is to stop and walk away.

Revelations are your ticket to freedom. When the big picture comes into view, the exit is revealed. Once you have your revelation or epiphany, you are no longer a prisoner to the maze. You can now stop your loop.

Why should every day be Groundhog Day like in the popular Bill Murray movie? It shouldn’t. Write your passion, fun, and love. Jump over the wall that keeps you locked in the maze and start making every day new, challenging and fulfilling.

It's All A Maze by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters, LLC.Now, take a look back at the loop. Reflect on the maze that you have created and have been living in. If you prefer life to loop like a merry-go-round, always leading you back to the same place, then jump back on. If you prefer to stop the looping, then exit the maze and continue to walk ahead.

Every time you catch yourself being attracted back to the loop or maze, catch yourself and say, “No.” Splinters of the loop maze will remain and reappear for a long time, like remnants of an old habit newly broken. Choose with your new behaviors to sand the splinters smooth until you have sculpted the life you choose to create for yourself.

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What To Remember:

Life can be disorienting like a maze.
Often we are unaware that we are stuck in a loop.
By realizing that the maze is optional, you can unlock the exit.
Leaving the maze will allow you to sculpt the life you really want.



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