You Are Attracting What You Are Creating

You Are Attracting What You Are Creating Energy Matters, LLC. Blog“What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.” – Adele Basheer

You are attracting what you are creating in your thoughts. You write your own his-story. It’s tempting to blame people or situations for our outcomes. These people or things might be legitimate challenges, but you are the only creator of your reality. You decide what you attract and that which you ignore or give power.

Every moment you are attracting energy from the universe. Every moment you set your intention for greatness or disappointment. You are what you create.

There is a tremendous amount of research showing how we are writing our his-story as we go along. You may be destined for greatness, but the means are not set in stone. You design your ultimate destiny with what you create and attract. Awareness and being more mindful in your thoughts create better outcomes.

You may consciously write your own history, reflecting along the way to determine the best path forward, and visualizing what each chapter might look like if lived with positive intention. Reflect on what inspires you, what makes you feel comforted, who you really are at your authentic core. Create more of that. When we create safe places, inspiring words or pictures, and comfortable environments, then we begin to attract more of the same, expanding the beauty of our Universe.

Remember the childhood advice: “In order to have a friend, be a friend.” This is true in adulthood and extends to multiple facets of your life. Attract peace by creating peace, perhaps through grounding or mindfulness. Attract success by doing what needs to be done to create it; work diligently at something you are passionate about.

According to John Kim of Psychology Today, a licensed marriage and family therapist: “Attracting means getting things that line up with your purpose, that position you to head into the direction you were meant to, where you will be the loudest and brightest.”

You Are Attracting What You Are Creating Energy Matters, LLC. BlogLike attracts like. Similar vibrations are drawn together. Use this Law of Attraction to manifest your highest good. Your most habitual thoughts and actions invite corresponding relationships and experiences. You manifest what you focus on most often. Use mindfulness to focus on and create better outcomes. “Mindfulness can help you make better use of your strengths. One needs attention to their inner states and behavior to pursue a goal” (Brown, Ryan & Creswell, 2007). In both mind and reality, be conscious of who you are and what you wish to attract.

Years from now, when you look back on today, what will your his-story look like? What will you have created or invited into your life?

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What To Remember:

What you focus on is what you attract.

You create your own his-tory with every day.

Use mindfulness to create better outcomes.


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