Is The Native American Mystery Bag The Secret To X-Factor Grace?

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”
— Eden Phillpotts

When you emit an intention, the Universe begins to work towards your highest good. But sometimes the initial pathway is confusing or unclear. Over time, the vision clears and you are able to see how blessings and events have led you towards fulfilling your spiritual purpose. From the new vantage, you may realize an improved sense of joy and wellbeing. However, it can be challenging to trust in uncomfortable changes and release resistance in order to reach that point. One interesting tool to aid in developing more grace throughout your soul journey is a Native American Mystery Bag.

What Is A Native American Mystery Bag?

A Native American Mystery Bag is an ancient tool for personal empowerment. It holds medicine that is personally meaningful. The native concept of medicine is quite different from what we tend to think of. In Native American culture, healing comes from spiritual or supernatural powers. Therefore, medicine is anything that aids in maintaining harmony with nature, life, and spirit.

The bag itself is made of natural materials, often buckskin. This pouch can be decorated to any style, typically with ornate beads or quills. The contents are chosen to aid your energetic healing and provide protection throughout each journey.

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Typical contents might include stones or crystals, herbs, seeds, beads, feathers, or shells. The items ground the wearer and connect them to the Universe—lending strength and empowerment. Intuition will lead you to know what to include and when to remove or replace items.

Prepare your Mystery Bag and contents with an energetic clearing. This can be done by smudging with sage smoke or applying an energetic clearing spray. Do this while expressing your focused intention and gratitude. Though traditionally worn like a necklace, a Native American Mystery Bag may also be carried inside a purse, pocket, or briefcase, or placed beneath a pillow.

Native American Mystery Bag Allows Deeper Grace

In Reiki, grace is considered an “X-Factor” for allowing life to flow without resistance. Native Americans sometimes used their Mystery Bags to symbolically store confusing events and observations. You can do this too. When faced with difficult unknowns, visualize yourself placing them inside your bag for future exploration.

Is The Native American Mystery Bag The Secret To X-Factor Grace?

Every few weeks or months, return to those questions and see whether they haven’t been answered by your journey. Most of life’s puzzles make sense in hindsight. Placing them aside for now allows you to avoid distractions and embrace blessings however they choose to manifest. 

This allows the bearer to maintain physical and spiritual harmony throughout their life experiences. This tool is a source of empowerment and personal protection. Consider how a Native American Mystery Bag may improve your own sense of wellbeing throughout life’s challenges.

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 What To Remember:

A Native American Mystery bag is a tool for personal empowerment and spiritual protection.
Puzzles and confusing events may also be stored there until they are better understood.
This allows for greater grace in flowing through your spiritual journey.


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