Intentions Series: Your Greatest Potential Is In your Intentions - Part 1

“Our potential lies between what is and what could be.” Kim Butler

Everything you have ever accomplished has begun with a single intention, shaped from the seeds of your deepest desires. Intentions derive their power from thoughts. The more you think about something, the more energy you direct and the more it begins to grow. Energy potentiates every action and every piece of progress in the Universe. That is why your greatest potential is in your intentions. This exclusive Intentions Series explores the power of intention so you can begin to define, empower, and realize all of your desires.

First, let’s define what an intention is—and what it is not. At the core of intention is directed will. Each intention you make is a declaration of purpose that is forever echoed throughout your journey. Here’s the magical part. Your intention is supremely powerful. In the Vedic Upanishads texts, possibly originating as far back as 800 BCE, it is written: “As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Today you might not be living your intention. Many want to create a healthier lifestyle, build more fulfilling relationships, or be more successful financially or professionally. We hope and we dream and we wish, but often we don’t follow through to the point of realization. Part of the problem is that a wish lacks the power of intention.

Wishes are very passive. When we wish we essentially give our power away, hoping and dreaming that external forces will come together to bless us with everything we desire. When we wish, we allow ourselves to become victims of circumstance.

The intention, on the other hand, is active. You choose what you will accomplish. With this empowered perspective you, are no longer reliant on luck. Instead, you become an active participant in realizing your desires and making things happen. Try this experiment. Aloud or in your head, test these statements:

  1. I wish I was healthier.
  2. I will get healthy this year.

Which one felt more powerful? Most people choose the second statement. Statement ‘A’ seems to imply that while you wish you were healthier, you’ll probably remain right where you are—in your comfort zone. Whereas Statement ‘B’ implies that this is your year, and you have chosen a vision that you intend to fulfill. This illustrates the real difference between a wish and an intention. When you make a wish, everything stays the same. When you set an intention, you make the first step towards real and lasting change.

Your Greatest Potential Is In Your Intentions Part 1 by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters LLCAn intention is more than just a statement. It is a vessel for creating your own reality. When you are clear about your intentions, the Universe begins to work with you. Moving forward, all things will begin to work together towards your highest good. Through this amazing power, you may finally unlock your greatest potential. Watch for the next blog in Energy Matters, LLC’s 2019 Intentions Series where you will learn how to go about setting your intentions for your goals. This just might be the year you start living the life you always wanted to create. 

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What To Remember:

Intention directs your will towards a specific goal.

Wishing makes you a passive observer; whereas intentions stimulate action.

 Through the power of intention, you can unlock your greatest potential.



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