Embracing Change For Spiritual Growth

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”  ― Roy T. Bennett

Embracing change during uncertain times can lead to spiritual growth and unexpected opportunities. Change can certainly challenge us in uncomfortable ways. Even if your current state isn’t ideal, there is still a sense of security in the familiar. Moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar can feel like stripping away a security blanket. However, it is generally our own fear and resistance to change that creates this struggle. By choosing to embrace change, we can invite more positive improvements and spiritual growth.

Our resistance to change wastes energy and creates unnecessary stress which may be relieved simply by changing our mindset to one of acceptance. Often the chaos involved in change is there to propel us towards a higher resonance. Through this chaos, we are moved towards greater harmony with the universe—and with our life purpose.

From an evolutionary perspective, it is natural to fear the unfamiliar (Journal of Anxiety Disorders). As primitive dwellers, consuming a new plant or venturing into unknown territory could pose real danger. However, in the modern world, this distrust can bring a great disservice. Especially when we choose to tolerate adverse circumstances rather than risk moving on to something new.

BeautyCounterOur brains trick us into thinking that anything different is inherently bad, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, new experiences can be pleasant and thrilling, broadening our inner and outer horizons.

Without change, there is no growth. We stay stuck, unable to evolve towards our highest good. Your comfort zone may feel safe, but it can also hold you back from living your best life. If given the choice, you would opt to progress towards a better and brighter future, wouldn’t you?  

Fortunately, our ingrained fear of the unknown is easy to rewire. By simply becoming aware of our resistance, we can choose to override it. You can push past irrational fears with positive mantras and self-assurance. Rather than focusing on the discomfort, visualize a positive result. You might also use meditation or deep breathing exercises to release the resistance or blockage and invite change to shape your life. Letting go of some control. Allow the Universal Source to flow freely and guide you to a higher energy.

Embracing ChangeWhenever you find yourself resisting a new experience, become mindful of the reasons. Ask yourself whether such resistance could be robbing yourself of a powerful transition to a higher state of being.

Without change, there is no growth. Without chaos, there is no pathway to a higher resonance. We need change in order to thrive; so let’s embrace these transitions with open arms. 

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What To Remember:
Change is necessary for growth and to reach your highest frequency.
Resistance creates stress and slows progress.
Learn to embrace change in order to live your best life.



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