How To Use Shungite to Get Rid of EMF

Shungite Pyramid

It's beautiful -- the way the Universe provides natural remedies. Simple in appearance, Shungite stone is often overlooked. It is a black rock, primarily made up of carbon. It's uniqueness comes from a specific allotrope of carbon known as fullerenes, which under a microscope look like hollow spheres.  These carbon fullerenes allow Shungite to absorb EMF radiation and neutralize dangerous frequencies.

Of course, getting rid of EMF isn't the only wonderful benefit of Shungite.  It is also attributed with soothing insomnia, calming stress and anxiety, relieving inflammation and related pain, improving energy, and detoxifying mind, body, and soul (WebMD, 2023). 

It is perhaps best known for purifying water by eliminating not only EMF, but also germs and bacteria. According to Science Direct: “Shungite is an effective sorbent for removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.” Shungite can be used to purify small glasses of drinking water or entire swimming pools. History tells us that even as far back as 1700, Shungite stone was used to purify water for the Russian army.

Placement Of  Shungite To Get Rid of EMF  

EMR Rocks Grounding Bags

To maximize its effects, place Shungite pyramids or plates near the most potent sources of EMF radiation. For example, near your Wi-Fi router, smart meter, your computers, TV's, Microwave, and electronic appliances, near where you charge or store your phone, and inside your car.

You should also place Shungite in the spaces where you are most vulnerable, like  your bedroom. Here you stay still for an extended amount of time as you sleep, so exposure can become concentrated. Additionally, we know that EMF is also one of the most common, yet least recognized, causes of insomnia.  If you haven't already, read my blog on EMF Rocks grounding bags for additional protection while sleeping.

Shungite Water

Placing Shungite throughout your space is a great way to get rid of EMF radiation. But what if you have already been exposed to EMF? What if you are experiencing symptoms like dizziness, headaches, trouble sleeping, irritation, unexplained nausea or mood changes? You might want to use Shungite water to detoxify your body from EMF radiation.  

It is easy to create Shungite drinking water for this purpose. In truth, all you really need to do is to place natural Shungite chips or stones into a pitcher of water and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. You can purchase Shungite chips or stones that are already prepared for this purpose. However, some people prefer to use raw or natural Shungite, which will require a process of cleansing and activation. 

Preparing Shungite Stones for Water Purification

  1. How To Use Shungite Water to Get Rid of EMFTo remove all traces of dirt, place the Shungite pieces in a contain with a lid. Fill it with water, place the lid on, and shake the container.
  2. Remove the lid and pour out the water. No repeat this process three more times, using fresh water each time.
  3. Once the surface of the stones are clean, you will want to be sure that any heavy metals contaminants have been removed. To do this, again place the stones in a sterile container filled with water. This time, let the stones sit for 3-5 days so that any heavy metals are leached into the water. Empty and refresh the water each day.
  4. On the final day, remove the water and rinse the Shungite stones. They are now ready for use. Once they are cleansed, you can use the same stones numerous times. Though some sources recommend replacing the stones every six months.
  5. To create Shungite water, place the clean stones in a pitcher and fill with it with pure water. Let it sit for at least 4 or up to 24 hours before removing the Shungite.

Traditional healers suggest enjoying 2-3 glasses of Shungite water per day until your symptoms of EMF toxicity resolve. Some people also report wonderful experiences with bathing in Shungite water to destress from an EMF-filled day.

From cleansing your home with Shungite Pyramids to cleansing your body with Shungite water, this stone is a wonderful tool to add to your self-care arsenal. §

For individual guidance on EMF protection and detoxification, schedule a phone consultation with Rose.



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What to Remember:
Shungite has been used to purify water for hundreds of years.
It's carbon fullerenes absorb EMF and neutralize dangerous frequencies.
Place Shungite plates or pyramids in the spaces where your exposure is greatest.
Drink or bathe in Shungite water to detoxify EMF from your body.


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How to use Shungite for EMF protection?:
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