Emotional Consequences of Organ Transplant

Some organ transplant recipients find themselves changing in ways that transcend physical explanation. Friends and family members report watching loved ones' personalities begin to shift -- becoming more aligned with the organ donor.  This phenomenon even happens when the recipient knows nothing about the donor, as though they are tapping into some innate consciousness, picking up on the donor's hobbies, emotions, and experiences.  This is particularly true for people who have received a donor heart.

Stories are told of a grandfather who swaps out his collection of calm orchestra music for heavy-metal.  Later, he learns that his donor was a young musician in a rock band. In another example, a young woman finds herself unable to escape flashbacks and PTSD-like symptoms surrounding an experience she never lived through. She is haunted by her donor's trauma.  A forty-year-old man is inexplicably scared of the dark for the first time in his life, developing a child-like nature.  

Somehow emotions seem to transfer from the donor to the recipient along with the physical organ.  Sometimes the result is harmless or even charming.  Who doesn't want to rediscover their youth?  But other times, the organ recipient experiences significant struggle in getting past the foreign emotions downloaded into in their body. 

Emotional Consequences of Organ Transplant

This occurrence is one more reminder that we are more than blood and bone; we are intangible beings with spirit and energy.  It is astounding to look at all of the evidence, which suggests that this energy may be transferred through pathways outside our general consciousness.

Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings may be processed within the brain, but they don't necessarily live there. Perhaps they are stored in your heart, or in your cells -- or everywhere.  This would better explain the extremely emotional energetic transference seen with organ transplant recipients.

To many, it is not surprising that the transplant process is highly emotional.  Transplant recipients face many struggles.  They may feel betrayed by their bodies. Many people go into this type of surgery with a general fear of the potential outcome.

There is a high risk that an organ transplant will fail. Issues can arise, the majority related to your immune system. To your body, the new organ is a foreign entity and potentially an attacker.  Prevention must be applied in the way of immunosuppressing medications to prevent physical rejection.

Even when this works and everything goes according to plan, recovering from an organ transplant is no small feat.  Physically and spiritually, it can take some time to heal and feel like oneself again.

Energetic Clearing Consultation

Initially, it can be very difficult to come to terms with the awareness that someone else's organ is now a part of your body. And so, it can be extremely unnerving to additionally find yourself trapped with someone else's personality quirks, memories, and emotions. 

Traditional Counseling may assist an individual in making peace with their donor organ and energetic inheritance.  But generally, what is really needed is an energetic exploration and release of those stored emotions.  Intuitive readings and other energetic tools, often applied by a Reiki Master or ASAT C.O.R.E. counselor, can be used to ground and protect you as you continue your organ transplant journey.

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What to Remember:
Emotions, traumas, and even happy memories are stored somewhere in our bodies.

Some organ transplant recipients, especially those who are sensitive or highly conscious, inherit intense emotions and personality traits from their donors.

Intuitive healing strategies may be applied to release these stored emotions and free the recipient from the confusing aftereffects.
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“Stored and stuffed emotions take a great toll on the body, and eventually the old built-up energy will be released in the form of painful physical manifestations.” — Barbara Marciniak