Are You Self-Aware of Emotional Energy Transference?


Have you ever felt your emotions shift during a social exchange? Maybe you were left feeling unwell or worn out. This can occur after an argument or rift, but emotional energy transference is often more subtle. Sometimes happening through ordinary, polite conversation. That’s because the energy we feel is made up of more than just words. Science shows that when the people you come into contact with are stressed or upset—that energy can be incredibly contagious.

After all, you are an energetic being living in an energetic universe. You emit your own frequency, and so do all the people, spaces, and objects around you. With interaction comes exchange.

We automatically and unconsciously take on the expressions and emotions of the people we interact with (Psychology Today, 2012). When you are around happy people, you feel happier. When your friends are upset, you may become upset too. Individuals with heightened sensitivity or empathy are particularly vulnerable. And the lasting effects become more concentrated with repeat exposure.

Individual consultationsKeep in mind that emotional energy transference is a two-way street. Just as you may be affected by the emotional energy of others, your own emotions can alter the life experience of the people around you. You should become mindful of the energy you give and receive as you move throughout the day. Be sure that you aren’t off-gassing stress or gloom towards your friends and loved ones.

Grounding is a great tool for managing emotional energy transference. Grounding is self-centering and allowing the energy that is not serving you to leave your body. It is essential for remaining balanced amidst these energetic storms. For more information on grounding, read my blog, Mindful Exercise: Ground Yourself In The Moment.

In addition to learning grounding techniques, you can also shift the unwanted effects of emotional energy transference through the power of perception. Emotional energy itself is neutral, it is our perception that interprets the energy as being pleasant and positive or negative and uncomfortable. Emotions will always be contagious. Through careful, less reactive observations, you may retrain your brain to perceive emotional energy through a more positive lens.

Are You Self-Aware of Emotional Energy Transference?

Foster awareness of the emotional energy you emit yourself or pick up from others. When you notice it happening, stop and ground yourself in the present. Reestablish balance. Let go of low-frequency emotional energy that does not belong to you. Release it.

If you notice a pattern of emotional energy transference, excuse yourself from the situation and follow your intuition towards a more peaceful experience. This could mean making lifestyle changes to protect your energy and improve your health. 

For personalized guidance, consider scheduling a phone consultation with with Rose Boghos, Intuitive Lifestyle Practitioner, Whole Health Educator, and Reiki Master Teacher.


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What To Remember:
Emotional energy can be contagious.
When an individual is stressed or upset, that energy may be transferred to others.
Grounding and perception training can minimize emotional energy transference.
Be mindful of the energy you are giving off during social exchanges.
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"Energy is contagious. Either you affect people, or people infect you." - T. Harv Eker