Stress In Your Cells

You won’t find peace in your mind if there is stress in your soul.

Research now shows that post-traumatic stress is stored inside the body at a much deeper level than we once realized. This energy doesn’t just speed your heart rate or tense your muscles, it literally seeps into your cells. Emotional imprints affect the thoughts inside your mind. The same energy may also materialize physically in the form of stress in your cells. 

When a traumatic event occurs, a cell memory is created. This memory lasts long after the stressful stimuli vanishes. Just as you have countless memories stored in the recesses of your brain, from infancy to adulthood, the body contains a multitude of sealed energetic memories. These types of memories may outlast those in our minds. Sometimes they remain long after the details fade. You can see traces of the stored stress in the sensations you feel and patterns of behavior that you develop subconsciously.

The strongest physiological imprints are associated with significant trauma or extreme stress. Often these are suppressed by the mind in the name of survival. Anytime you find yourself in a situation that arouses your instincts to fight or flee, a major imprint occurs inside your cells, but it doesn’t take a monumental event to create stress in your cells. Even small stressors, over time, can have the same effect.

The healthiest way to deal with these imprints is to release them, thereby eliminating the post-traumatic stress that is being carried inside your cells. The challenge is that often you are unaware of the source or the trigger, and so you continue to carry around the trauma. For years you may find yourself tense or anxious in particular circumstances, but unable to discern the cause. Perhaps at one time a similar situation left you feeling scared or ashamed.

Stress In Your Cells by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters, LLC.

Because much of this unserving energy is stored in your fat cells, weight loss can actually trigger many of these emotions to resurface. Though you may have forgotten the source, your body remembers. The tighter your cells hold on to this trauma, the more it begins to affect your body systems to the point of slowing cell function or damaging them altogether.

Author and cancer activist Kris Carr contends that “all of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system.” This stress in your cells continues to build and grow if it is not released, often manifesting as unwelcome symptoms. This is the way the body speaks to you. It sends messages through physical sensations, sometimes becoming louder and more severe when it feels ignored. Over time this may lead to serious addictions or diseases. “Researchers estimate that stress contributes to as many as 80 percent of all major illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, endocrine and metabolic disease, skin disorders, and infectious ailments of all kinds” (Balch, 2006).

beautycounter clean beauty, natural ingredientsIt is important to work through your memories to discover the inception of this imprinted stress. Once the memory is located, you can use mindful breathwork and imagery to release it. Though simple in theory, the process can take a lot of conscious effort. When completed, you may find your health gradually restored in addition to feeling lighter, happier, and able to experience peace at a deeper level. In a way, releasing post-traumatic stress from your cells may be seen as a huge step towards realizing your Highest Good.

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What To Remember:

Emotional stress manifests in your physical cells.
Post-Traumatic stress in your cells leads to generalized anxiety, discomfort, and even disease.
The solution is to locate and release the memories that created stressful imprints.

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