Rose recommends the following Holistic Health Professionals & Products:


Himalayan Salt LampLevoit Himalayan Salt Lamps                   

Hand-carved lamps made from natural pink Himalayan salt may provide better sleep, improve your mood, purify the air, and allow easier breathing. By removing positive ions from the air, they cleanse your space and allow more beneficial negative ions to do their work. Get yours now to begin seeing amazing results.



Superfood Cookbook

 Alissa Grey's Cookbook.

The Superfood Cookbook allows you to cleanse, detox, and/or lose weight without feeling deprived. This book takes the guesswork out of eating right by bringing you wholesome recipes with the right balance of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It’s the perfect equation for improving your health.




Discover elegant glassware and gemstone filled pods or wands to infuse your water with natural goodness. VitaJuwel’s ViA bottles bring you water in its most precious form, infusing the energetic qualities of gemstones. Choose from formulas such as Wellness, Beauty, Fitness, and many more.



As one of the most trusted and well-known brands, the Vitamix blender is perfect for juicing or blending fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing or blending allows you to consume concentrated nutrients in smaller, more manageable servings, making it easier than ever to get all the essential vitamins and minerals your body craves.


Grounding Half Sheet

Ground Smart Earthing Half Sheet

The Ground Smart Earthing Half sheet is a conductive sheet that fits beds of all sizes. The soft, woven silver fabric grounds your body as you sleep. Users have reported reduced inflammation, anxiety, aging, and stress.  


 7 Chakra Blanket

This beautifully designed blanket can be used as a throw, a towel, or even a tapestry. The seven Chakras are the source of life energy. Channel this flow of energy throughout your day. 



nut milkEllie's Best

The BIGGER Better Nut Milk Bag comes in a large 12"x12" size that is easy to use.  Make your own almond milk, or as an all-purpose food strainer. The fine mesh gets the job done without any unwanted dyes or chemicals. 


Grounding PillowcaseTylson Grounding Pillowcase

The Tylson Grounding Pillowcase has silver threads. Paired with the ground of a normal outlet, the pillow may help release unserving energy that you have picked up from the environment. This grounding effect may improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, and soothe muscle aches. 

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