Beauty Benefits Of Collagen Water


The world is abuzz with praise for the amazing benefits of collagen enhanced Beauty Water, but you might be wondering exactly what this wonder-ingredient is, and why it’s so good for you. Collagen is, in reality, the most essential material for your body. Your skin, bones, joints, fingernails, and even your hair all contain collagen. It is the most prevalent protein inside your body.

Collagen has many benefits, including providing your skin with elasticity and your hair and connective tissue with strength. When your body has ample collagen to work with, your skin becomes more hydrated, glowing, and firm. More benefits of collagen include joint health, bone strength, gut health, improved digestion, better sleep, and increased energy.

Your body has the incredible ability to make this important building block on its own, but often not enough. This natural production also decreases as we age. As the presence of natural collagen declines, we see signs of aging: weak bones, grey hair, dull or sagging skin, wrinkles, and stiff joints.

Fortunately, replacing these losses can reverse the trend, allowing you to look and feel healthier. It might even reduce cellulite, speed weight loss, and protect your teeth and gums. In 2014, a study discovered that women who used collagen supplements for just two months exhibited smoother skin around their eyes as well as a greater presence of pre-collagen within their skin.

     “A healthy, beautiful outside starts from the inside.”

We can replenish collagen through the foods we eat. Unfortunately, the modern diet only contains minuscule amounts. This is what makes bone broths and collagen-enhanced Beauty Water so beneficial. The Vital Proteins brand Collagen Beauty Waters are perfect because they are free of sweeteners or additives. That means no junk, just healthy ingredients for your body to enjoy.

The rest of this blog, will serve as a reference for the different flavors of collagen beauty water offered along with their own unique beauty benefits.

Strawberry Lemon Beauty Water


The Amazing Benefits Of Collagen Beauty WaterThis flavor combination is made up of organic strawberries and lemon as well as hyaluronic acid and probiotics. All this is supplemented with a generous 20 grams of bovine collagen peptides to nourish your body. It’s a bright and uplifting blend, perfect for that mid-day pick-me-up. Strawberries provide an anti-oxidant punch to boost the immune system, and lemon is well-known for its anti-depressive qualities. This blend is highly recommended for the lemonade lover.

Melon Mint Beauty Water

THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN BEAUTY WATERWith 10 grams of marine collagen, this flavor provides a unique experience with organic peppermint, real honeydew melon, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. In addition to all the collagen benefits previously mentioned, this blend brings a refreshing burst of mint paired with the ultra-hydrating melon.

 Lavender Lemon Beauty Water

THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN BEAUTY WATERFor those looking for a truly luxurious experience, this interesting combination of fragrant, calming organic lavender and bright lemon is out of this world. In addition to 10 grams of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and probiotics, this delicious blend also includes organic blueberry and organic beet, filling these packets with nutraceuticals.

Cucumber Aloe Beauty Water

THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN BEAUTY WATERIf soothing is what you seek, then reach for the Cucumber Aloe Beauty Water. Again it contains the standard combination of 10 grams of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. For the flavor quotient, soothing cucumber and aloe provide anti-inflammatory hydration. These are brought together with a pleasant hint of vitamin-rich organic pineapple.

No matter which flavor you choose, adding collagen-packed Beauty Water to your smoothie, tea, or water on a regular basis will improve your physical health and beauty. When your skin glows with health, you’ll feel better inside at the energetic level. You’ll also find yourself revitalized and ready to tackle the day. It’s one of the best little habits you can create for a brighter life. You’ll feel nourished in every way from the very first sip.

Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water packets can be ordered here. For more personalized guidance on the use of these products, schedule a consultation with Rose today.


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What To Remember:

Beauty starts from the inside.
Collagen is the most essential building block of your body.
Replenishing your collagen means a healthier body and glowing skin


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