Finding Your Lemonade and Satisfaction In Life

“Nobody else gets to live your life. You’re the artist. Paint your picture.
Dream your own masterpiece into being.”
~ Anna Taylor

When you are plagued by disease or self-dissatisfaction, finding your lemonade can be challenging. By changing your mindset, you may gain the opportunity to eliminate dis-ease and establish a more satisfying way of living.

Energy Matters, LLC Blog: Finding Your Lemonade

So how do you go forward, navigating the lemons you believe you’ve been dealt and creating your own lemonade? Finding your lemonade starts with reviewing all aspects of what has transpired. Consider how these events have played out. What are the real causes? How have those causes led to the ultimate effects, rewards, or liabilities? Think about the energy that you are putting out there and that which surrounds you and your experiences. How does it serve you?

Dissatisfaction is thought of as a psychological condition, but it can lead to real and physical consequences. Consider your current state. Are you feeling physically or emotionally ill? Are you frustrated after being passed by for a promotion you thought you deserved? It can be difficult to accept and make sense of these lemons.

However, you might find that in contemplating these lemonic events that they might actually be lemonade in disguise. How could this be? Being faced with a new challenge or disappointment allows you an opportunity to think outside the box, to reflect and self-create your reality. The American Psychological Association has found that people who are able to do just that, turning lemons into lemonade, thrive in even the most stressful situations.

This is your chance to pick a direction. Decide for yourself what you truly want in life, not what others believe you want or should want. In essence, these sour moments provide the essential motivation for seeking and finding your natural lemonade.

To have the opportunity to decide gives us a freedom to explore our next learning journey. Who says this journey should follow a pattern or road that others have travelled or followed? You are the map maker of your life and journey, self-creating what you believe to be your abundance.

Understand that there is no right or wrong way for your journey to unfold. This is your journey with many roads and obstacles. How you handle your challenges, and in turn what you believe to be a lemon, will ultimately reveal your own version of lemonade. Allow this reality to integrate your soul transformation. Be the artist of your life!

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