Your Tears Are The Mirror Of The Universe

“The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of laughter.”  ― Samuel Beckett

We begin life with a cry, and continue to have experiences with tears throughout our time on earth. Emotions like sadness, grief, joy, and jubilation can all make us feel a bit weepy. Have you cried lately? It’s nothing to hide. Your tears are the mirror of the universe. The imprint of the whole world is in every drop.

Think about a single tear sparkling in the sunlight. It is actually quite beautiful, reflecting all the colorful prisms of the world. What you don’t see, but can innately feel, is all the emotion that has created this liquid---all of the life experiences and energies that have brought us this far.

Did you know that while every animal has some form of tear duct or mechanism to cleanse and protect their vision—only humans weep tears as a reaction to emotions? What’s more is that scientists have discovered that emotional tears differ chemically from the ones we shed when we chop onions or get a speck of dust in our eye (Oaklander, 2016). This may in part explain why they carry such strong emotional power. One theory suggests that the higher protein content of these tears make them more likely to stick, moving more slowly along your cheek. This also makes them more likely to be seen and shared.

Many people resist crying or apologize for it, but to cry is to be human. We all do it at one time or another, and for good reason. Tears have a special ability to clear your mind, release energy, and reconnect with the greater Universe. When we cry, we realign the mind with the heart and the soul.

Too often this happens subconsciously because we have forgotten. Babies instinctively know that tears encourage a strong social bond and human connection. It’s why they use tears as a means for soliciting care. Tears are a universal signal that triggers empathy, kindness, and compassion. Though society may perceive tears as a sign of weakness or vulnerability, it is actually just opposite. In the words of Charlotte Bronte: “Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.” We might add that crying is a sign that you are part of this interconnected Universe.

Indulging in a good, deep crying session makes you feel better because crying is also healing on the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. It detoxifies. When we cry, we release unserving energy—letting go of grief, disappointment, hurt feelings, and even physical pain. Crying is incredibly healthy.

Studies by the school of psychiatry at UCLA have shown that crying also has another purpose; it acts as a warning to our own consciousness (Doheny, 2015). There are times when we push aside exhaustion, frustration or other discomforts when we should react. When your psyche nears a breaking point, it cries as a signal for change.

When we are busy, our hearts and minds become cluttered. We take on too much stress or worry. We repress anger, tension, or hurt. And we lose sight of the blessings or solutions right in front of our eyes. What is amazing is that crying in itself sets off a chain of biological mechanisms that lead to seeing our situation with greater clarity. When we cry, we rediscover feelings and emotions that we have repressed. Some clients are surprised that they cry during meditation sessions for this very reason. When we let go of our conscious thoughts and conditioning, unresolved emotions find their opportunity to be released.

cleaner beauty, natural ingredients">Allow yourself a good cry every now and then. Not only does crying protect, liberate, detoxify, and heal, but tears are one of the most powerful reminders that we are all infinitely connected. So, remember that tears are powerful, beautiful things that act as mirrors to the Universe. Schedule a consultation with Rose for more on how Your Tears Are The Mirror Of The Universe and personalized guidance for applying this information to your own Energetic Healing.


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What To Remember:
The imprint of the whole world is in every tear.
Allowing yourself to cry is healthy and assists in processing energy.
Tears connect us to the Universe and our humanity.

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