What Is Disease (or Dis-ease) From an Energetic Healing Perspective?

We all know that disease is unpleasant and unwanted. What Is Disease From an Energetic Healing Perspective? The answer can be found by breaking the word down into its more elementary parts.

In energetic healing communities, disease is often hyphenated, giving us the term “dis-ease.” According to dictionary.com, “dis” is a Latin prefix that means “apart” or “away.” Thus, we can begin to look upon disease as a state of being that is apart from ease. This implies that some form of conflict or dysfunction has arisen.

When we look at disease in this broad spectrum, we see it not as one particular ailment or diagnosis, but as a state of being disrupted or imbalanced. Similarly, in the chiropractic practice, dis-ease is defined as a lack of ease or harmony. The solution is to create a natural state of ease by reconciling what is out of balance. This approach to wellness can be very empowering.

One of the most common causes of disease is the way an individual interprets themselves and their experience. Liis Windischmann speculates that this arises because of an inseparable connection between our bodies and our minds. She believes “our thoughts and words carry power—lots of it. How we think shapes how we act and feel.”

We have a tendency to feel as though the self we project to the world is not in alignment with our true being. This causes discomfort. That is why I have channeled my own definition for the word disease. You may recognize it from my video I recently shared on social media.

D- Dissatisfaction
I- In
S- Self
E- Expression
A- Affecting
S- Self
E- Esteem


When you are experiencing disease, your body is projecting dissatisfaction in your quality or capacity for self-expression, which is affecting not only your internal self-esteem, but also your physical wellness. Freedom of self-expression and creativity are then the essential pathways toward an experience of true, effortless health and ease.

What Is Disease From an Energetic Healing Perspective?

So, What Is Disease?

In many ways, disease is a state of disappointment and resistance. Release that baggage. Let go of disease. Instead, embrace your journey and face each new challenge with creativity. When we melt into who we are and accept ourselves and our individuality, we can then begin to relax into ease.
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What To Remember:

Disease is a lack of ease. It arises from dissatisfaction in our self-esteem or self-expression.

Thoughts can change our perception and our experience.

You have the opportunity to release your resistance and sense of disappointment in order to rediscover a more positive experience.





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