The Current Retrograde Storm: How It Affects You

“Pay attention to the intricate patterns of your existence that you take for granted.” ― Doug Dillon


There is a big retrograde storm happening now, which a lot of astrologists aren’t talking too much about. But perhaps they should. Astronomers have recently proven what many civilizations have instinctively known for centuries—that other planets in our solar system have a proven and significant effect on earthlings (Williams, 2013). The way the planets align affects the patterns of our climate, our choices and behavior, and ultimately our history. During a retrograde storm, these affects are magnified.

Think about it. Have you noticed unexplained changes in your own mood or behavior this summer? Is life feeling more crazy than usual— filled with frustrating challenges and disrupted plans? The retrograde storm is likely to blame. This unprecedented event brings powerful energetic changes.

When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be orbiting backwards to its normal state. According to astrologer Tali Edut, this happens because “the Earth is completing its orbit around the Sun faster than other planets outside its orbit. Periodically, it will outpace them—and that’s when retrograde mayhem breaks loose.”  Though the exact duration can vary, future retrograde events can be predicted fairly accurately because they follow a pattern.

The Current Retrograde Storm: How It Affects You by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters LLCTypically, we see just one or two planets in retrograde. What is unique about the current situation is that there are an unusual number of planets all displaying retrograde orbits simultaneously. The “Retrograde Storm” that began June 26th is extremely rare. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto have been in retrograde for much of the summer, now joined by Mercury. The storm is expected to continue through September 6th.

Because all of the energy in the Universeis interconnected, humans have a tendency to perceive and react differently during a retrograde event. Everything becomes more personal. This is because retrograde storms redirect our motion inward, making us especially introspective. Because our awareness is heightened, our reactions to stimuli can also be stronger and more emotional than usual. This is particularly true for those of who have forgotten to flow along with nature, resisting the path and creating our own roadblocks.

Your luck and emotions might be tested during this time, and you may find yourself in more disagreements than usual. The best advice for weathering the rest of the storm is to embrace the ebb and flow of nature. Allow yourself to become more fluid and flexible. Slow down and turn inward. You may also want to brush up your grounding techniques. By reducing your resistance, you will improve your overall experience.

The good news is that this is a great time to work independently, completing any unfinished projects or investing yourself fully in creative endeavors. Enjoy the rest of summer and save more serious matters, legal dealings, or negotiations until after the storm is over.  

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 What To Remember:

Retrograde signals a good time to turn inward and express oneself creatively.

    Avoid beginning new projects, taking changes, and serious negotiations until the Retrograde Storm has passed.

    Embrace this opportunity to slow down and go with the flow of life.  



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