Push for Gene-altering Label Panics Food Producers


While not common knowledge, some pork producers have been injecting their herds with mRNA vaccines since 2018. Although active mRNA has been approved for use, these custom vaccines have not been tested.

Push for Gene-altering Label Panics Food Producers Video

This sets an uncomfortable precedence. The vaccines may offer the injected animals protection against some pathogens, but at what cost? We don't know the effect of these injections on our food supply, how safe they are to consume, or what mutations may occur.

It's not just pork producers under the microscope. Despite the fact that there are no licensed mRNA vaccines for cattle, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (Mercola, 2023) reports that some members are already double-vaccinating their herds with custom mRNA vaccines to prevent bovine respiratory disease. While disease prevention may be a good thing, this seems like a big risk for consumer safety.

More concerned with the bottom-line than the health of consumers, big agricultural lobbyists have strongly opposed a legislative push that would require producers to label livestock that have been injected with gene-altering materials such as mRNA.  


And agriculturists aren't the only ones investing in livestock vaccinations. It has been reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bill Gates have invested in experiments to utilize mRNA injections to alter food in such a way that it becomes a vaccine (Mercola, 2023). Thus, creating a pathway for discretely dosing large populations.

One of the most prominent pushes for the public to be made aware of these gene-altering injections is Missouri House Bill 1168 (Fast Democracy, 2023).  The bill proposes "Potential Gene Therapy Product" labeling for any product that is or has been exposed to matter that may have an impact on, alter, or introduce genetic material into the user of the product. Big Agriculture's lobbyists have voiced strong opposition to such a law. Meanwhile, the cattleman and pork associations publicly confirmed in April of 2023 that they would, in fact, be injecting the mRNA vaccines into pigs and cows.

Edible vaccines have been around since 1998 (Saxena, 2013), so it is not unreasonable to think that a vaccination could be transmitted through food consumption. Based on this research, we can likely assume that the mRNA vaccines injected into livestock do have the potential to be transmitted to humans and cause unconsented effects.

Push for Gene-altering Label Panics Food Producers

With this in mind, it is troublesome that anyone would reject industry transparency. It makes it seem as though there is more to hide. If producers have secretly been injecting these vaccines for five years, consumers may be left wondering what other foods could be involved. Wouldn't you like to know if your food has been injected with mRNA materials? We certainly would.

It is important to note that organic foods are not necessarily excluded from these vaccines. Asking questions and knowing the source of your food is vital to protecting your health.

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What to Remember

The public deserves to know that livestock is being injected with mRNA vaccines that are gene altering.

Ag lobbyists are fighting against a bill that would require these foods to be labeled.

Right now, there is no way for consumers to know which supermarket pork or beef contains these custom vaccines.

Be careful with your food purchases. Know the source.



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