Powerful Intentions Series: Your Greatest Potential Is In your Intentions Part 2

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” (William Ernest Henley)

In Part 1 of this special Intentions Series, you learned why your greatest potential is in your intentions. Now in Part 2, you will discover the best way to start setting those intentions. Mastering this simple strategy will allow you to start making real progress toward the realization of your goals—whether they involve improving your health, your relationships, or your overall satisfaction in life.

To reach your greatest potential you’ll need to pursue some form of transformation whether it be in your body, mind, or spirit. If you want to manifest a change, then you may begin by setting an intention towards that goal. You might think that you have tried this before and it didn’t work. Maybe your intention wasn’t strong enough. We often send mixed messages to the Universe.

Most of the time this happens for one of two reasons. First, many people struggle with having the confidence to insist on what they want. You may feel as though you don’t deserve to have everything you desire. As a society we are often conditioned to be weary of selfishness or asking too much—we are taught instead to sacrifice. Don’t allow such conditioning to limit your potential. You are absolutely deserving of living an amazing, healthy life. We all belong to this universe, and we all deserve greatness.

Another reason you might have sent mixed signals is because you are unsure of your exact intention, having only a broader sense of wanting to be healthier, happier, or less stressed. Using a combination of visualization, meditation, and reiki can help you access guidance and assistance in selecting the right intention. It should something personal. You can only set intentions for yourself.

When you are clear and confident in this intention, the Universe will work to help you manifest your goal. Be open and ready to receive it.

Are you ready to set your intention? Start by saying it out loud three times. You can also write it down on paper. The act of writing or speaking energizes your intention Remember to use positive, affirmative language rooted in the present. Repeat this exercise often until your intention becomes like a mantra or motto. Studies on psychological science show that consistent reminders are the key to following through with our intentions (Peters, 2016).

Next, you’ll want to employ visualization. In your mind’s eye, visualize how you will feel when your goal is realized. What do you see yourself doing? Be as detailed as possible, involving all of the senses. Practice this often and in the most positive manner. The more you apply visualization to your intention, the more real it will become.

Though not required, a crystal can also be used to set and energize an intention. First, be sure that the crystal you have chosen has been cleared of any unserving energy. Then, hold the crystal, focus, and connect with it. Focus on your intention. Visualize this focused energy being sent towards the crystal. Afterwards, you can carry this crystal with you as another reminder.

If there is something obvious you can do to aid your intention, then go ahead and do it. If your intention is to secure a better job, fill out some applications. If you are wanting to improve your diet, seek information on holistic nutrition. After that, relax and allow the Universe to lead the way. When we are stressed, we become resistant to change. So instead, prepare yourself to go with the flow for this part of your journey.

One caveat to keep in mind is this: Reiki works for your greatest good. The outcome of your intention may not be exactly the same as what your conscious mind is asking for. Instead, the Universe might steer you toward something far more rewarding.

The last rule is to be patient. It may take some time to realize your intention; don’t expect instant results. The Universe has its own perfect timing.

Keep setting your intention every day. Watch as it manifests towards your highest potential and greatest good. Remember that clear, confident and positive intentions will be most successful in realizing what you desire. 

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What To Remember:
Your greatest potential is found in your intentions.
Intentions that are clear, confident, and positive are more successful.
Set and energize your intention every day. Speak, write, and visualize.



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