Grounding Tree Spirit Meditation

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.” ― Herman Hesse


This blog introduces the practice of tree spirit meditation—one of our favorite grounding techniques. Connecting with nature has a calming effect on the human psyche. The beauty and inspiration of the Universe is an instant stress reliever. Of all the elements of nature, trees are particularly enchanting. They are everywhere, emitting a radiant spirit that empowers this grounding tree meditation.

Trees represent rooting. By practicing tree meditation, you may connect with the purest form of grounding, becoming more present in this moment and releasing the tension that pulls us away from our reality. This tree meditation is a special way to come back to center. Feel the strength of a tall and sturdy tree. And discover that same strength of spirit within yourself as you connect with the natural world.

Tree meditation isn’t a new concept. Trees have been the most common focal image for spiritual and physical grounding since the early days of Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine—thousands of years ago.

energetic healingAs with any individual grounding practice, there are different forms of tree meditation. One approach is to physically go outside and choose a single tree to commune with. Mimic the tree’s stance and stillness, and listen to its resonance. Begin to mirror the same rooted strength. This standing tree meditation is likened to having an internal conversation with nature.

Even if you cannot get outside, you can still practice tree spirit meditation with the use of guided imagery. You can practice this tree spirit mediation anywhere and at any time to become more grounded.

To heighten your tree spirit grounding meditation, you may choose to visualize a specific tree. Over time, different types of trees have come to symbolize specific traits.

Trees and Their Symbolic Representations

Fir: Learning; opening perception to see more clearly.

Aspen:  Renewal and new life; attracts all energy; grounding fear.

Cedar: Love and humility; self-respect; healing and cleansing.

Oak: Expansive; power; courage.

Palm: Peace and flexibility; bending without breaking.

Cherry: Blessings; promise; good fortune.

Birch: New beginnings; eternal beauty.

Elm: Intuition; inner strength; fortitude.

Maple: Five-peak leaf represents 5 elements; life phases; smooth transitions; balance.

Pine:  Wisdom; elder; liberation from external needs.

Grounding Tree Spirit Meditation

How-To: Tree Spirit Meditation

Start by closing your eyes. Cup your hands together or place your open palms upon each knee. Take a few deep cleansing breaths. Relax and feel your body sink toward the ground. Relax.

Visualize a forest. See an inviting path. Feel gentle sunshine encouraging you to follow. A soft breeze coaxes you forward. The earth welcomes you in this space.

Immerse yourself in your visualized forest. Listen to the peaceful sounds around you. Perhaps there is a stream trickling, squirrels scampering, or birds singing. Enjoy these for a moment before centering your attention on the surrounding trees.

Move your attention forward as you continue your visualization. Ahead you discover one special tree. Its spirit calls to you. This tree is tall and strong and wise. Hear the rustle of limbs and leaves as the wind caresses them. Listen to the way this tree speaks to your heart.

Place your attention at the very top of the tree, stretching toward the sky as you reach for serenity and calm. See how it expands freely. Slowly trace your focus down along the tree’s branches and trunk. Feel the strength of its core. Take in every detail as you move down to the roots.

In your mind, see the hints of root just above the surface. Follow these deep into the earth. See how securely this tree is rooted in place, grounded by its environment. No matter what happens above the surface, these roots hold this tree.  

Become the tree. Visualize your feet rooting to the earth, grounding yourself in this moment. Take in the spirit of the tree.  You are sturdy and centered—protected. As you commune with this tree, absorb its power and stability. Breathe in its oxygen.

Grounding Tree Spirit Meditation

Stay in this space as long as you like before returning. Take a few more cleansing breaths before slowly opening your eyes, coming back to yourself. Bring with you the spirit of the tree as you move through the rest of the day. Stay grounded and connected to the earth. When tension arises, think of the way the tree provides shelter and shade from the elements. When you live your highest good, the Universe protects you in the same way.

Whenever you practice this special tree spirit meditation, you will release the thoughts and baggage that spill anxiety or stress, you become centered. Discover a moment of calm strength. You can return to the tree spirit grounding mediation any time you need more peace.

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What to Remember:

Trees represent strength and rooting.

For this reason, trees are the most common focal images for spiritual and physical grounding.

By practicing a tree spirit meditation, you can connect with nature and develop a more balanced presence.

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