Energized Water For Your Health And Happiness

Access to clean, safe water is crucial to physical wellness. You can maximize the benefits of hydration by creating energized water for your health and happiness. When positive, healing energy and focused intentions are added to the water, the benefits of proper hydration are expanded to the spiritual realm.

This blog will explore all the benefits of water followed by a few methods for making energized water at home.

How important is water?

All of the cells and organs within your body require water to function properly. Water helps to keep joints lubricated, your spinal cord protected, and your digestive tract moving smoothly. It even assists in the breakdown of minerals or nutrients for better absorption. As if that weren’t enough, water is also essential to temperature regulation. It’s safe to say that the body requires a fair amount of water to sustain all of these roles and processes.

The body acquires some of the necessary water through the foods you eat, especially fruits and vegetables. However, most of the water comes from beverages. Water is lost through sweating, breathing, and waste excretion. This must be replaced. Drinking water is the most efficient way to ensure your body has all the fluid it needs for good health. While study results vary, the Food and Nutrition Board, which sets dietary reference values for Americans and Canadians, indicates that the ideal daily water intake is about 9 cups for women and 13 cups for men.

“It’s Not What You Eat; It’s What You Absorb.”
-Beyond Health

Added Benefits of Energized Water

To this point, we have confirmed the many reasons why plain old water is vital to good physical health. Energizing your water can take those benefits to a higher level. Water’s energetic properties are easily affected by the immediate environment. Some even say that water holds energetic memories. Energizing water charges it with healing vibrations that uplift and vitalize, magnifying the benefits you receive from every single drop.

When clean water is energized, it may improve your experience of joy, happiness, and vitality through positive energy and focused intentions. This water nourishes the spirit as deeply as it quenches the physiological needs. As the elixir of life, energized water brings infinite benefits. Choose any of the methods below to turn mundane tap water into a life-changing liquid.

Energized Water For Your Health And Happiness

Three Methods To Energize Water:


Focused Intentions: Hold a glass of water in your hands and repeat an intention while focusing all your energy on that glass of water. This infuses the water with positive energy. Select any word or phrase depending on your present need. Some nice examples include ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘bliss’, ‘healing’, or ‘happiness’. Repeat the word at least three times while sending the intention towards the water. Then when you drink or bathe with the water, you may receive that love, happiness, and so forth.

Light Energy: Place the water in a glass jar or bottle and position it on a windowsill where it can absorb the rays of the sun and moon. This is particularly effective if done during a full moon. Leave the water undisturbed for 12-24 hours for the best results.

Crystal Energy: Surround the water with crystals for at least 24 hours to absorb the properties of that particular healing crystal. For example, amethyst is associated with spiritual wisdom and rose quartz is associated with love. If you’d like to infuse your water with special gemstone blends, consider using VitaJuwel’s ViA Water Bottles.

Keep in mind that the use of energized water isn’t limited to drinking. It can also be placed in your energy field, used to bless your home or office, or to cleanse your crystals that have been sitting around and may have absorbed unserving energy. For more personalized guidance on the application of energized water, schedule a consultation.


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What To Remember:
 Water is essential to your physical health.
You can create your own energized water at home.
Energized water can be used to nourish and cleanse inside and out.


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