Empower Your Health: Benefits of BrainSpan Home Testing


If you want to experience optimum health, improve your brain function, and keep your mind sharp as you age, then look no further than BrainSpan’s Health Test Kit, now available through Energy Matters, LLC’s Online Store. This test reveals advanced information which empowers you to improve the nutritional and functional health of your brain. Long-term, these improvements may reduce your risk of many cognitive and physical ailments associated with aging.

Scientifically validated and backed by trusted health allies including the Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA), Harvard University, the Public Library Of Science (PLOS One), Stanford University and the US Army, BrainSpan testing provides a detailed look inside your body, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of identifying what is causing your current conditions. The results indicate how well your brain is regulating all of the body’s systems, creating a baseline from which to plan and measure improvement through periodic retesting. Think of the process like preventative maintenance for your brain.

Empower Your Health: Benefits of Brainspan Testing by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters, LLCWhat Is BrainSpan Testing?

Dozens of peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that the presence of certain fatty acids is essential to healthy brain function, longevity, and anti-aging. BrainSpan’s Cell Nutritional Health test measures the biomarkers for these essential fatty acids. It also assesses the presence of inflammation and nutritional deficiencies that are considered contributing factors for many age-related diseases.

The home blood spot test is paired with a 15-minute functional assessment, which measures memory, processing, and cognitive flexibility. Together these provide a detailed illustration of your current health. The quantitative data can be used to calculate your relative risk for future ailments such as stroke, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease.

This two-part assessment is an exceedingly helpful and objective tool for energetic healing, allowing us to explore the body-brain connection more deeply. Though the test is taken at home, the results are shared with your practitioner so we can assist you in understanding what they mean. Together we can identify potential causes of concern regarding inflammation, brain health or cellular dysfunction. Scroll down to view what these results look like.

Empower Your Health: Benefits of Brainspan Testing by Rose Boghos of Energy Matters, LLCHow Does This Empower Your Health?

Your results allow your practitioner to provide specific, personalized, and evidence-based recommendations to improve the health of your brain. Your future risk analysis provides the information and motivation to make changes that will allow you to experience better health as you age. This empowers you to take control and really feel your best. Here are seven major health components that may be improved through BrainSpan testing.

Antiaging: Measures your Omega-3 fatty acid index; healthy levels are associated with 65% slower cellular aging (JAMA).

Weight Loss: Provides information on your metabolism, mitochondrial function, and leptin signaling, allowing for metabolic optimization and healthy weight management.

Energy & Stamina: Re-energize by boosting your nutrition and reducing strain on your brain.

Blood Pressure & Heart Health: Quantifies the primary nutritional factors that affect inflammation within the body; improving these scores may substantially reduce your risk and/or improve early symptoms of high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke.

Cognitive Function: Evaluates neural functioning and pinpoints nutrient or fatty acid deficiencies that may be affecting your brain in four main areas: focused attention, memory storage, processing speed, and mental flexibility.

GI Function: Identifies underlying hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies associated with gastrointestinal health.

Nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, guided by the test results, lead to improved communication between the brain and the rest the body. This means improved symptoms and better brain functioning for life. Incredible results are being reported.

To begin your own energetic healing with the assistance of BrainSpan Testing, you may order a kit from the Energy Matters, LLC Online Store. Be sure to also schedule a consultation with Rose for assistance in understanding the results and guidance on how to make improvements. Are you ready to experience better brain health than ever before?


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Sample BrainSpan Results


What To Remember:

BrainSpan tests provide an inside look at your Functional Brain Health and Nutrition.

The results may be used to create an effective treatment plan for disease prevention, symptom relief, and anti-aging.

When your brain works right, your body works right.



Benefits of Brainspan home testing  Now Offering BrainSpan Health Kits!

The key to brain disease prevention is early optimization.Quantify your Cell Nutritional Health and Functional Brain Health with a home blood spot test and 15-minute interactive quiz measuring memory, processing, and cognitive flexibility. 

Follow up with a 30-minute consultation to discuss the results.

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