Does Reiki Energy Healing Work For Chronic Pain?

“Give yourself permission to let it hurt but also allow yourself the permission to heal.”
― Nikki Rowe

reiki for chronic pain relief

Chronic pain can be devastating. It steals joy and adds an excruciating challenge to everyday life. Many people find that traditional remedies provide insufficient or incomplete relief. Sometimes pain symptoms remain because they are linked to unresolved stress and trauma from the past. We carry the energetic weight of these things, causing tension and resistance.

Reiki can help with releasing these blockages. This form of energy healing may work better for managing and eliminating chronic pain than conventional medications or therapies.

What Is Chronic Pain?
When pain persists longer than six months, it is considered chronic. This pain can take many forms but it most often manifests as headache, back pain, arthritis, or nerve pain. Left untreated, chronic pain can lead to muscle tension, limited mobility, lethargy, fatigue, and changes in appetite.

Some chronic pain is carried from a past injury or illness. The ailment heals but the pain remains. It can take months or even years for your nervous system to deactivate pain signals. Fibromyalgia and cancer usually develop slowly and unseen, and both can cause constant pain.

Reiki Remote Sessions

Some chronic pain appears without an apparent cause. This doesn’t make the pain any less debilitating or real. Emotional discomfort resulting from trauma can create a never-ending cycle of stress, tension, and pain.

How Can Reiki Work For Chronic Pain?
Reiki energy healing works by channeling life force energy. This life force (chi) is always circulating throughout your energy system. Trauma—whether physical or emotional—causes blockages in your system. These energetic scars disrupt the flow of energy. This may cause emotional distress. It may also cause or heighten your experience of illness or pain.

Reiki energetic healing clears blockages and restores the flow of energy. This promotes better balance, relaxation—and it initiates deep healing. In this way, Reiki is an excellent modality for managing and eliminating chronic pain. Researcher Sarah Parker Thomas states that “Reiki can be used for pain management, preventive care, and mental/emotional issues ranging from anxiety to addiction, as well as for a host of other issues.”

Reiki Has Other Benefits, Too

Does Reiki Energy Healing Work For Chronic Pain?

You don’t have to be suffering from chronic pain to benefit from a reiki session. Reiki is a pleasant way to relieve general stress and tension. It may also be effective in removing mental blockages and patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals. Sessions instill a positive sense of relaxation, focus, and wellbeing. In short, reiki may allow you to feel better in every aspect of life.

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What To Remember:
Chronic pain remains long after a physical or emotional trauma.
Reiki energetic healing eliminates the blockages and tensions that cause discomfort.
Reiki can benefit your life in positive ways too.


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