Decide To Do No Harm To Others

“The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today I would like to explore why it is important that you decide to do no harm to others. Have you ever had an experience where you met someone new and felt an instant connection, as though you have known them forever?

This may happen because you are members of the same soul group. A soul group is one collective and infinite soul all living together on a particular plane. Each of the souls in a group are said to be cut from the same energetic cloth. There are small soul-groups in which the members all know each other, and broader groups to which they belong subconsciously. The experience that each individual experiences is experienced by all on a conscious level and on an intimate level.

Perhaps the tribes of 144 written about in the bible are really 144 souls broken down into groups, which could each consist of thousands. Each being is one tiny facet of the Universe, all separate fragments of the same. The members of your soul group are many and they interact through vibrations that establish harmony or harm. It is important to mention here that harm isn’t limited to physical assaults. Harm can be inflicted by thoughts and words as well.

‘Do no harm to others’ in turn means do no harm to self. Be mindful of your interactions with yourself and your collective. When we send unserving thoughts and energy towards others, it affects the entire group of intertwined souls, including ourselves. There is always an equal exchange of energy. Not surprisingly, research from the Association for Psychological Science confirms that soldiers who harm others in the line of duty are far more likely to experience PTSD. We cannot harm others without feeling the effects ourselves. This is what it means when it is said that when we hurt others we are only hurting ourselves. Why do we want to hurt ourselves? Are we somehow punishing ourselves?

According to C.C. Keiser and Clyde Grossman of, “We can begin to make better choices and treat each other, the other creatures who share this planet with us, and this planet we call home, with greater respect and compassion.” Regardless of our motivations, harming ourselves and others is a habit which begs to be broken. Be the change unto us, breaking the cycle of harm.

Begin by focusing on sending love and warmth. This is where self-love comes into play. Re-remember love is the brightest source of light and decide to do no harm to others. To love your entire soul is to recognize and accept all the individual parts that make it one complete whole. To love you in this way opens the door to seeing and loving others. In the circle of eternity, loving others also fosters your own soul.

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