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Learning to be kind to yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do to improve your experience of everyday life, love, and wellness. When you treat yourself with kindness, the universe may instantly become lighter and brighter.


Additionally, taking the time to smell the roses and treat yourself well may serve as powerful medicine for your body and soul (Edberg, 2015). Despite the fact that being kind to ourselves is so useful and productive, it is also a task that is often neglected. There is a tendency towards possessing and displaying greater compassion for others than for ourselves. Some of this resistance appears because we struggle with self-love. Loving yourself means that you have access to a space within yourself where there is a deep sense of peace and belonging.

While a similar feeling can be found when loving or serving others, it is a temporary and situational. A truer, more lasting sense of inner peace may be found when we cultivate love and kindness towards ourselves. The result is a warm and nurturing attitude that radiates within (Amodeo, 2015).

Self-compassion recognizes your sources of pain or limitation and responds with a comforting softness. Research shows that individuals who practice self-compassion are more aware and yet more forgiving of their own faults; they also display greater degrees of courage, motivation, and perseverance (Emel, 2013).

Internal emotions that originate in the mind have a tendency to manifest elsewhere in the body. In this way, the unserving thoughts or judgements you carry might cause energy blockages or physical ailments. For example, stomach discomfort can be caused by anxiety or fear. Or, an inability to express your wishes and advocate for yourself might present in the form of a sore throat. Tune in and pay attention to yourself, establishing an awareness of the sensations within your body and recognizing the ability of kindness to sometimes deal with physical problems. This type of internal awareness and compassion may supplement your experience with greater clarity and calm.

Being kind to yourself means taking good care of your body, mind, and spirit. Establish positive energy by nurturing productive thought patterns. Eat well, exercise, and take ample opportunities for rest and respite. Take a break from the busy world and make yourself comfortable, whether that happens through mediation, relaxation, massage, Reiki sessions, or even a nice long bubble bath. Be kind to yourself and you may initiate energetic healing.

Re-Remembering that energy has a tendency to trace your thoughts and intentions. Make sure your thoughts and intentions are filled with kindness. Be compassionate not just to others, but to yourself. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be. Your life may become more enjoyable when you stop fighting your limitations and embrace them. Foster self-love and self-acceptance. Relax and go with the flow of life.


“Today this is the space I’m in because I’m ready for this space.” ~ Rose Boghos

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