Chaos In Life Is A Lesson

"It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people."  -Anthony Kiedis


Chaos in life is a lesson essential to growth and higher consciousness. Our lives are often in chaos because it is the core of existence. Without constant change, we wouldn’t be here. Nor should we want to. Better to rise in chaos than to spend an eternity standing still. Admittedly though, chaos can feel uncomfortable. Most people go through their own version of resistance. In understanding the reason behind this chaos, we might learn to actually embrace it instead.

It is unpleasant to feel as though your life is always in crisis. You probably ask yourself, “why me?” From the outside looking in, it can often appear as though others have it much easier than us. More often we just don’t get to see the whole picture of another’s experience. It is more productive to focus on our own chaos and the message it carries.

We know that the Universe is full of energy, and this energy is the source of everything you are and everything that happens. Right now, you exist at a unique level of vibration. When an obstacle emerges, we are forced to alter our thoughts and behaviors. We adapt in order to survive. It is this change that causes you to grow and propels your vibration towards a new level.

When you discard the habits or thought patterns that created the current situation, you leave that old vibration behind. Like chaos, this transition is uncomfortable because you are drifting into uncharted territory. Keep in mind that different doesn’t mean bad; it just means different.
You might liken the experience of chaos to the process of healing. For instance, in reflexology many patients report “healing crisis symptoms” which gradually become worse before they start to decrease (PubMed, 2010). Practitioners believe that this initial worsening is a signal that the process has begun and healing is about to occur.

In the same way, your transition from one frequency to another isn’t instantaneous; it occurs gradually with each lesson and is punctuated by crisis. You might even feel a pull back to the old energetic patterns and frequencies. There is comfort in familiarity, but if we always stay in one place then we never grow.

That is why we exist after all. We are here to learn and grow. This is our purpose. If there was no chaos, you wouldn’t be here, because it is this chaos that defines the direction of our existence. If we always stayed still—never changing—what would be the point?

Chaos In Life Is A Lesson By Rose Boghos of Energy Matters, LLC.Though confusing and even intimidating at times, chaos is a process that leads to goodness. So, keep taking those strides, onward and upward. To summarize: Lack of chaos means lack of growth. The presence of chaos means potential.

Embrace the next lesson in your journey. Breathe deep and remember that with discomfort comes a new, better vibration—movement towards your highest good. Because an amazing thing happens when we accept the changing nature of life: We stop fighting.

When we stop resisting, our ability to thrive multiplies tenfold. As we allow chaos to return again and again, we open ourselves to the lessons of the Universe and a greater resonance than we’ve ever felt before. Let go of your fears and foster a genuine fondness for chaos and the new places it will lead you on your soul journey.

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What To Remember:

Discomfort is a stepping stone toward a higher frequency or plane of consciousness.

Without chaos, you wouldn’t be here.

There is a lesson to be learned from every experience of chaos.

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