Your Soul is a Soldier!


Your soul is a soldier that has come to earth to learn, understand, and engage. Sometimes a soul is born with fear. Other times, a soul develops fear along the way. These fears stand in the way of our soul’s mission. As a result, the soldier must fight to transform fear into freedom.

Life experience occurs at both the physical and universal levels. Your body has needs of its own, but they do not outweigh the needs of the soul. Soul, the soldier, has its own purpose and path. Bringing this awareness to light benefits not just yourself but all of humanity. In today’s complicated world, our soul allows us to feel a sense of purpose in the collective experience and in our own spiritual journeys.

Nurturing the soul journey requires a deeper consciousness. It is this type of awareness that reveals your soul purpose; the fundamental fears you must overcome; and the ultimate meaning of your experience. Throughout our soul’s journey, there will be much to learn and several fears to overcome. It is fear that holds us back from being free, and so it is fear that much be overcome in order to fulfill your soul’s destiny of discovering absolute freedom.

There is peace in absolute freedom, but the journey to get there is not always clear or easy. The soul’s mission will pull you towards all types of terrain and countless obstacles. There are mountains to climb and relationships to navigate. It is a quest that involves love, power, healing, wisdom, and the Divine Essence.

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.
Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” –Abraham Maslow

Throughout the journey, our soul carries learned or inherited fears like a soldier carries a shield. When the soldier finds the courage to step out from behind these types of conditioned thoughts, reactions, and behaviors, they reveal bits of the true self. The soul yearns to cast aside the shield and express its true nature freely.

Thus, our soul is a soldier that must find freedom. As John Northberg describes, the type of freedom it craves isn’t external. It isn’t freedom from responsibility or order. The soul craves internal freedom—the freedom to live the life it is destined towards. It’s a freedom to be happy, cheerful, and optimistic. It is a freedom from the worry and anxiety that comes with living in fear.

Energy Matters, LLC Blog: The Soul is a SoldierThe oldest souls, not necessarily attached to the oldest bodies, tend to carry the most accumulated fears and traumas. These traumas beg to be cleared. When you clear the fears and wounds of the soul, you remove blockages between the soldier and the destination. You also find a renewed ability to express and really be yourself.

When soul breaks free of fear, it finally discovers the unique, authentic self in all its glory. That authentic uniqueness always exists within the soul, but it is often hidden beneath fears and conditioned thoughts or behaviors. When you scrape away that fear and bring your unrestrained soul to the surface—that is when you fulfill your soul purpose—freeing the soldier within. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the fears of your soul so that you may one day release them and realize your own version of “soul-freedom.”

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What to Remember:
  • Our soul is a soldier that craves freedom.
  • Our soul learns and carries fears that hold it back from fulfilling the divine purpose.
  • There are two types of freedom: internal and external.
  • Our soul finds true freedom and authentic self-expression when conditioned fears are cleansed and released.



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