Are Toxins Making You Gain Weight?

“Food can be a poison or a cure. Why would you choose to ingest toxins when you could be taking the world's best detox medicine?” –Woodson Merrell

Are you struggling with weight gain? We tend to think of weight gain as a function of eating too many calories or not getting enough exercise. While these are two big factors, they aren’t the only causes. One additional factor is the impact of toxins. These can trigger fat storage and fluid retention while also making it more difficult to lose that weight. It’s true. Toxins could actually be the reason you are gaining weight.

Why It Happens

Toxins are hidden everywhere. They can be found in everyday foods, clothing, cosmetics, shampoos, cleaning products, and even in the environment. Often these cause toxic reactions, but they occur so gradually that we aren’t able to make a clear connection right away. Unlike a severe allergic reaction where the effect is fairly obvious and immediate, sensitivity to toxins like pesticides and preservatives can manifest gradually.

Beautycountre cleaner beauty, natural ingredientsAs the toxins invade your skin or internal organs it causes irritation. When something in your body system is causing irritation, the natural response is to send fluid to dilute the offender. As the toxin is diluted, you begin to retain more and more water. This can become a never-ending cycle if you continue to consume or come into contact with the irritant. The net result is uncontrolled weight gain.

Another way that your body deals with toxins is to release more prostaglandin. Prostaglandin reduces your body’s ability to burn fat (Xiaoqian, 2016). This causes your metabolism to slow. Though you may continue to eat the same number of calories, your body will actually burn less energy and store more fat.

There is one more way that toxins cause you to gain weight, and this one has to do with the chemicals inside your brain. When you eat foods that contain toxins, such as juice contaminated with BPA’s or snacks containing preservatives, your brain may receive a temporary wave of euphoria. When the feeling wears off, you’ll desire more. This can lead to uncontrolled binge eating.

Clean Solutions

Toxins may cause weight gainThe positive thing to take away from this is the solution. With knowledge comes empowerment. In order to reverse the effects, you simply need to detox your diet and your environment to eliminate the toxic exposure. Make sure you are eating organic foods, and take a closer look at your household cleaners and personal care products to ensure they are safe.

Drink clean, filtered water, and protect your air from toxic fragrances. With these basic steps of self-care, you will protect your body against toxins and prevent unwanted weight gain. You will also encourage better health.

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What To Remember:

Toxins from your food, household products, or environment can cause you to gain weight.

Signs include water retention, severe cravings, or difficulty losing weight.

The best way to reverse the effect is to detox your diet and your environment.



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