A Few of Rose's Favorite Things

“Health is the greatest gift.” -Buddha

Energy Matters, LLC. thought it would be fun to share a few of Rose’s favorite things. These are all health-related items that do a wonderful job of encouraging physical and energetic wellness. This is one list you won’t want to miss, especially if you are looking for the perfect present for that special someone. These items would make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers. Or better yet, treat yourself! Energy Matters, LLC. believes in generous self-care, especially during the busy holiday season.

1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Made from natural pink Himalayan salt, these hand-carved salt lamps may provide better sleep, improve your mood, purify the air, and allow easier breathing. By removing positive ions from the air, they cleanse your space and allow more beneficial negative ions to do their work.

Levoit Air Purifier2. Levoit Air Purifier

    The Levoit Air Purifier works wonders and is highly recommended for removing dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold, and pet dander from the air you breathe. Not only should you see a reduction in asthma and allergy symptoms, but recent studies even suggest it may prevent the spread of communicable diseases by removing airborne germs.

    Glass Tulip Food Storage Jars
    3. Glass Food Storage Containers

      These glass food storage jars are perfect for leftovers or pantry staples. They look so much better than plastic, and they are safer for reheating too. Replacing plasticware with glass, steel, or linen can really protect your long-term health. 

      4. Weighted Blanket

      Weighted Blanket

        Weighted Blankets have become a trendy solution for anxiety and sleeplessness. Research confirms that their benefits go beyond the simple comfort of an ordinary quilt. There is a special calming effect yet to be matched by any other implement.

        Organic Cotton Produce Bags
        5. Organic Cotton Grocery Bags

          Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer with breathable cotton produce bags that allow ethylene gas to escape more easily than plastic. These organic cotton muslin bags are eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful VOCs that can damage your microbiome. 

          Vitamix for Organic Juicing and Blending
          6. VitaMix

            The Vitamix Blender is perfect for juicing or blending fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing or blending allows you to consume concentrated nutrients in smaller, more manageable servings, making it easy to get all the essential vitamins and minerals your body craves. 

            Anti-Emf Protective Pendant
            7. Anti-EMF Pendants

              Containing lava and tourmaline, this Anti-EMF Pendant neutralizes radiation to help you restore and/or maintain balance. It also arms you with the power of positive energy. The biggest benefit? The pendant can be worn anywhere for protection on the go. 

              8. ProFitness Balance Board

              ProFitness Balance Board

                There are numerous benefits to using the Profitness Balance Board, and not all of them are strictly fitness-related. Regular sessions with a balance board may boost brain functioning, enhance your posture, help you exert less energy, and reduce your risk of injury. 

                VitaJuwel Via Water Bottle, Energized Gemwater
                9. VitaJuwel Via Water Bottles

                  Discover elegant glassware and gemstone-filled pods or wands to infuse your water with natural goodness. VitaJuwel’s ViA bottles bring you water in its most precious form, infusing the energetic qualities of gemstones. Choose from formulas designed to enhance Wellness, Beauty, Fitness, and more. 

                  Beautycounter- Better Beauty, Cleaner Ingredients, - Cosmetics, Personal Care Products

                  10. Beauty Counter Cosmetics

                  Beautycounter has a full line of lipsticks, bronzers, blushes and foundations to help you achieve your favorite look with healthier ingredients. Hydrate, refresh, and rejuvenate with products you can trust.

                   11. Grounding Pillowcase

                    grounding pillowcaseThis Grounding Pillow Case from Earth Connection has silver threads which, paired with the ground of a normal outlet, help release unserving energy that you have picked up from the environment. This grounding effect may improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, and soothe muscle aches. 

                    12. Infrared Amethyst Mat

                    Infrared Healing Amethyst Mat- Energetic Healing

                      We've saved the best for last! Far infrared rays are one of the most effective forms of heat therapy, known for improving many health conditions. The Far Infrared Amethyst Mat pairs this far infrared technology with healing amethyst crystals, amplifying all the benefits.

                      Energy Matters, LLC. hopes you’ve enjoyed all twelve of Rose’s favorite things. For personalized guidance on improving your health, schedule a phone consultation.


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                      What To Remember:

                      The best gift you can give is good health.

                      Choose high quality items that are free of fragrance, pesticides, or VOCs.

                      Don’t forget to treat yourself!

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                      A Few Of Rose’s Favorite Things



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