What's Up?: A Different Meditation


This week, Energy Matters, LLC revealed a different meditation: What's Up For You Right Now? This new approach is perfect for anyone who feels awkward sitting in lotus pose and chanting Om to the universe, or those who struggle to force their mind to empty. It's also a great technique for anyone simply looking to change up their usual meditation practice.

You probably know why you should meditate more. Studies confirm the merits of regular practice: making you wiser, boosting your immune system, eliminating stress, calming anxiety, and reducing sensitivity to pain (Kitamura, 2013). If you aren't a fan of traditional meditation, there are lots of different techniques you can try.

For starters, you might try standing rather than sitting. If you experience lower back pain during seated meditation, then this is for you. In addition to being simpler and more familiar, standing meditation fosters groundedness and stability by rooting your feet to the earth. Take deep breaths, and assume a straight and comfortable stance with your toes aimed straight ahead.

Energy Matters, LLC Blog: A Different Meditation: What’s Up For You Right Now?
Perhaps your difficulty isn’t in the posture though. Maybe you aren’t a fan of stillness. Walking meditation allows you to focus your mind while letting your body remain in motion. This Zen tradition is known as kinhin (Dreyer, 2012). Begin by walking along with your thoughts. Remain quiet and abandon your phone. Though difficult, this is essential. Also, choose a safe location such as a nature park or an empty field.

Another deterrent might be that your mind is too busy to quiet. Perhaps what you really need are answers. That is exactly why I taught myself a special meditative state, which I call “What’s up for me right now?” I like using this technique while walking or lying down. It’s used to solve problems or clear obstacles I am struggling with in life. I establish an empty mind, allowing thoughts to enter and following them as I ask simple questions. Often this practice guides me toward brilliant epiphanies or fulfilling resolutions.

I know the reason you aren’t meditating isn’t because you are unwilling or unmotivated. You just haven’t found the right modality. There are countless ways to experience the loveliness that is meditation. Keep experimenting until you discover the right path for you.

For more personalized guidance through the specially designed "What's Up For You Right Now?" Meditation, schedule a consultation with Rose today.


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