The Benefits Of Soaking It Up In An Epsom Salt Bath

“Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.” ― Pythagoras

There’s nothing like the benefits of soaking it up in an Epsom salt bath. These salts offer a comforting and relaxing way help ease stress and strain, especially when paired with essential oils.

Given the way our lives are – with hectic routines, commuting to the office and back, burning the midnight oil with work or family matters, it is no surprise that our bodies send out an SOS.  With diets being thrown out the window and health taking a backseat, our bodies take a toll and suffer from certain deficiencies.

The most major depletion when it comes to essential elements is magnesium.  It is an important part of the body that helps in working out the functions of the body smoothly, while also keeping in check enzyme activity.

The importance of magnesium is often taken for granted, where its functions are quite major when taken into perspective.  Not only does it help keep the heart’s rhythm constant, but builds a healthy immune system, promotes normal muscle function, regulates blood pressure levels, and manages one’s metabolic rate.  It can curve one away from health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and diseases related to the heart.  Epsom salt baths help replenish the body’s lack of magnesium and sulfate levels.


The benefits of soaking it up in an Epsom salt bath are:

  • Detoxifying harmful toxins from the body, including the presence of heavy metals. 
  • Easing up muscle cramps and reducing pain caused by inflammation.
  • Assisting in maintaining proper calcium levels in the blood, which keep the flow of electrical currents maintained.
  • Preventing the onset of bad headache attacks like migraines.
  • Improving the body’s ability to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • Reducing stress, easing concentration and increasing energy.
    Being an easy skin absorbent, the Epsom salt bath proves beneficial, effective and relaxing. It is the perfect way to enhance your Home Spa experience.

    Remember to always consult your medical doctor before taking up Epsom salt baths, especially if you suffer from any health conditions.  Please remember to follow the directions listed on the package.  Epsom salt is available in health food and convenience stores or select pharmacies.

    For more personalized guidance on the use of Epsom salts, schedule a consultation with Rose today. 



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