What Repeated Symbols In Everyday Life Represent

What Repeated Symbols In Everyday Life Represent

Though you may not be aware, life is guided by symbols and their powerful "representations." They arise from history, peers, social groups, pop culture, or even from your own family in the form of monograms or crests. Let's see how these symbols show up every day and what they represent.

Symbols And Your Life Experience

Have you ever wondered how these symbols might affect the way you think or your experience of life? They often operate in the subconscious, creating patterns that rule your life choices.

Some symbols are playful or personal while others are more rigid and universal. You may gravitate towards some more than others. In some circles, these are considered personal archetypes, based on your own life experience or that of humanity.

In essence, all of these symbols comprise the alphabet that illustrates humanistic thought, each one revealing a basic idea, emotion, or truth. They offer a way to communicate without words, universal across cultures, languages, or education levels.

There are different types of symbols. Pictograms are those simple images that represent an object. These share basic information quickly and are understood like a visual language that transcends words. For example, anyone would likely recognize the symbol of a turtle affixed to the road to mean that one should tread lightly in a particular area, looking out for little green friends. Likewise, paw prints are the symbol of animal lovers around the world.
More complex are the ideograms that represent broad ideas or concepts. For example, a heart (♥) symbolizing love. Many symbols are universal. Clasped hands symbolize unity. Around the globe, a smiley face (😃) symbolizes happiness, while an eye with a tear (💧) emanates sadness. In every nation, people can tell you what a peace sign (☮) symbolizes.


Peaceful Symbols

Additional peace-inducing symbols include the iconic lotus blossom or meditation enhancing “om.” Interestingly, all of these symbols are derived. They meant nothing before humans began drawing them and assigning values. Over time, those esoteric meanings have changed the energy of the symbols. The peace sign now carries a powerful statement, an understanding that has evolved throughout history. The symbols people wear and carry reveal bits of their soul without the need for conversation. Alone, they mean nothing, but our experiences give them value.

This use of symbols to express shared ideas or information isn’t new. Symbols have been used for as long as civilization has existed. The earliest symbols can be found in remnants of cave paintings from 30,000 years ago. Much like children learn to communicate in the most basic form before developing more complex manners, humans too began with the most simple of symbols, long before the alphabets began to emerge.

“The compass rose is nothing but a star with an infinite number of rays pointing
in all directions. It is the one true and perfect symbol of the universe.
And it is the one most accurate symbol of you.” ~ Vera Nazarian 

Comprehensive Lifestyle Education and Intuitive Healing Remote Consultations

Many people have a favorite symbol that they gravitate towards. This might be an animal totem with which they relate, a flower, a moon, or an inanimate shape they tend to doodle. The symbols you are drawn to, or repelled by, say something about you.

These symbols are powerful because they silently affect your emotions with meanings developed across time and with the interconnected energies of countless individuals. Many symbols appear simple on the surface and yet are overwhelmingly complex.

Well established symbols and their powerful representations have become the road maps by which we live our lives. They carry the energy that has been assigned to them and even lead us towards particular goals. The more a symbol is used, the more powerful it becomes.  The ones that appear most often are the most likely to influence your life path. Though we are usually conscious of their meanings, symbols also operate through the collective unconscious of memories that store all human experience. Energy flows to and out of this subconscious in such a way that it is difficult to discern whether it is coming or going.

In this way, your life is guided by a series of pictures with highly charged associations. If you are able to change the associations assigned to these symbols, you will have found a means for changing your world.

For a more personalized exploration of the symbols in your life and their meanings, schedule a consultation with Rose today.


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