Juicing and Blending: Organic vs Non-Organic

Blending Juicing Organic Produce

People gravitate toward juicing or blending for a variety of reasons. Let's explore some comparisons between organic juicing/blending vs non-organic juicing/blending. When done right, these drinks can improve your skin, fight aging, reduce stress, and even help you lose weight. Juicing fresh produce, such as with a Vitamix, maximizes the nutrients in your fruits and vegetables by breaking them down into their bio nutrient components. Whenever possible, it is important to start the process with organic produce. Let’s explore why this is so essential.

Organic fruits and vegetables are purer than their non-organic counterparts. They aren’t coated in hazardous pesticides, and they didn’t begin their lives genetically modified. Some studies even suggest that organic produce tastes better. Still, that’s not the biggest reason you should opt for organic.

When you juice or blend produce, the resulting liquid is a concentrated version of what you started with. This is great when we are talking about healthy nutrients. However, if you begin with non-organic produce that has traces of toxic contaminants, those harmful parts will also become more concentrated. Those chemicals will be assimilated into your body’s tissues faster and more effectively. That’s a scary thought!

Understandably, you might be tempted to opt for conventionally grown produce when you go to the market and note the cost difference. Keep in mind that a few extra dollars is worth the price of better health. If organic is still out of your price range, seek out local growers or visit farmers’ markets where prices are generally lower. At the very least, steer clear of the dirty dozen. For example, always buy organic apples, peaches, berries, spinach, or kale.

The bottom line is that juicing non-organic produce can be counterproductive. If you are juicing to improve your health and boost your nutritional intake, be sure to opt for organic produce as much as possible to avoid introducing harmful chemicals into your body. Your intentions for good health are pure. Let your juices and smoothies remain pure too!

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