Let Your Will Be Whole

“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” ― Madeleine K. Albright

Let your will be whole. Open yourself to all the possibilities of the universe by exercising freewill. The life you live is a choice you make every day. So is the way you view yourself—a perception you have the power to change. Release yourself from the conforms of societal norms and expectations in order to pursue your highest good. Know that each of us is born with a spiritual soul, universal intelligence, and boundless freewill.

Research by Dr. Vohs and Dr. Schooler reveals that when we doubt this freewill, we begin to behave as we are expected rather than expressing and embracing the true self. We neglect our responsibility to act as a self-agent. This threatens our self-esteem, our happiness, and even our survival.

Humanistic psychology embraced by Maslow (1943) and Rogers (1951) shows us that not only is freewill a real and tangible trait, but it is an essential component of being human. Self-actualization is the individual’s drive to realize their highest self through the expression of their unique abilities and potential. This basic human need is expressed through personality, creativity, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. It is the freedom to be ourselves, and who we are is defined through our own freewill. You decide who you are, through what lens you view yourself, and what you are to become.

The freewill you have isn’t partial or only some of the time. Daniel Delgado states that “Freedom is an absolute, there is no such thing as being half-free.” Each person is responsible for their own actions and perceptions because we all have the capacity to change.

There is one limit to freewill. It is a personal power. We are free only to change our own thoughts and actions. Author E.A. Bucchianeri says that “You cannot hinder someone’s free will, that’s the first law of the Universe, no matter what the decision.” We choose for ourselves, and our peers have the same freedom to choose for themselves.

Elizabeth Seto of the Department of Psychology at Texas A&M University states that “Whether you agree that we have free will or that we are overpowered by social influence or other forms of determinism, the belief in freewill has truly important consequences."
When we spend more time focusing on our own freewill, we begin to realize how our behavior has shaped our lives and accomplishments or lack thereof. Empowerment comes when we recognize our ability to choose different behaviors to shape a better path forward. In this way, we embrace and learn from mistakes in order to reorient ourselves towards our goals.

Many times, we are tempted to excuse past errors or shortcomings as a result of our environment. Choose to move past these energetic blocks. Though a positive environment will foster more positive behavior, even in adversity we have the freewill to choose to do what is right, to change the energy around us, and continue to emit our own frequency.

Let Your Will Be Whole By Rose Boghos of Energy Matters LLCStudies show that when we fail to do this, when we live separate from our true selves, the result is often psychological dysfunction. We start to experience anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction with our lives. Conversely, when we exercise our freewill and express ourselves in truest form, we begin to be comforted by a deep sense of meaning. This leads to high self-esteem and a positive self-image.

Embrace this freewill for yourself and transform your self-perception. Retrain your perspective through mediation and mindfulness. Let go of any baggage and really connect with your highest self. Let it guide your freewill. Visualize the path where your spirituality is awakened and you are free to express yourself and live your highest good.

Experiment with letting go of perceived commitments and constraints, and instead choose to follow your own freewill. Embrace its warmth and energy. Let your will be whole and absolute. The Universe supports your intentions. Imagine how good it will feel to let your vibration soar.  

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 What To Remember:

Freewill cannot be partial, it is an absolute.

Self-actualization is a basic human need.

Perceiving a lack of freewill can lead to anxiety and depression.

Practicing freewill leads to the expression of your highest good.


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