Is Gratefulness the Key To Happiness?

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and gratitude
is happiness doubled by wonder." -G.K. Chesterton


Gratefulness is a powerful key that unlocks happiness. Practicing more gratitude every day can change how we feel about ourselves as well as the people and the world around us. The reason this works is explained by the vibrations of the universe. Remember that, as Albert Einstein once said, “everything is vibration.” In fact, you carry and emit your own frequency or vibration. While unique, your vibration is also affected by external forces.

As you journey through each day, you will come into contact with people, environments, objects, and obstacles. Each of these carries their own vibration too. The objects and spaces you interact with may also carry the energies of people who came before you. This is one of the reasons why energy clearing is so valuable. Electronic devices, in particular, may also carry EMF Radiation which must be grounded. Thanks in part to social media, our phones and tablets carry a multitude of different vibrations and stories to which we react instinctively.

Shop Beauty Counter with Farrell Boghos: Cleaner Beauty, Natural IngredientsThe most forceful vibrations are those which correspond with our own dormant or unresolved emotional problems—guilt, anxiety, fear, and so forth. But in truth, all of the collective vibrations bouncing around us can take an exhausting toll, no matter the source. One of the best illustrations of this can be seen in Hans Wilhelm’s video titled How Gratitude Works.

The way to protect ourselves from outside frequencies is through gratefulness. This powerful tool improves our own vibration to a higher level, aligning with the universal stream of unconditional love. This vibration is more powerful than the ones floating around.

According to Harvard Health, gratefulness can make you happier because it allows you to feel more positive emotions, appreciate your experiences, and build strong, fulfilling relationships. This is thanks in part to biochemistry. When we are authentically grateful, our brains release more feel-good oxytocin. This makes us feel happy, less anxious, more relaxed, and more receptive to positive experiences. When we feel good, we start to notice more goodness around us. In an instant, everything looks better and brighter.

This is the root of genuine happiness, which always comes from within. When we are grateful, we feel positive, excited, and supported by the Universe. The more grateful we are, the more goodness we will continue to attract.

s Gratefulness the Key To Happiness?When you practice gratefulness every day, you’ll start to see the world a little differently. Rather than being brought down by challenges, you’ll start to appreciate each hurdle as an opportunity for growth. You’ll naturally look for the good, and you’ll find it too. In this way, gratefulness is a gateway to an even higher vibration—the gateway to boundless joy.

Open yourself to a life of gratitude, thankfulness, and love. Soon you will begin to feel supported by the universe, unlocking the path to genuine happiness.

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What To Remember:
The Universe is full of vibrations that can interfere with your own.
Gratefulness can protect you from unserving vibrations.
The more grateful you are, the more good things you may begin to see and attract.



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