Is Black Pepper A Natural Blood Cleanser?

“Maintaining one’s health in today’s toxic environment requires proper rest, hydration, an abundance of nutrients, and regular internal cleansing.” –Gary Hopkins



Your blood plays an important role in carrying vital oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. It nurtures cellular health while also eliminating waste and contaminates. Cleansing these toxins from your blood is essential to keeping your body healthy and preventing disease. There are many substances that encourage blood purification. One of our favorites is likely already in your kitchen cupboard— black pepper.

Thanks in part to its high content of potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and iron, ordinary black pepper has wonderful purifying and healing properties. Pepper is also rich in a plant substance known as piperine, which is noteworthy for its remarkable antioxidant action (

One of the most impressive qualities, shown in recent studies, is black pepper’s ability to fight off free radicals. These enter the body through a variety of environmental means such as the sun's rays and polluted air. We know that free radicals harm the body, cause premature aging, and promote disease, particularly cancer.

It is also wonderfully detoxifying because it encourages sweating and urination—two of the major means through which our body releases toxins. Black pepper is great for preventing heart disease as well, clearing your arteries as it cleanses your blood ( When your blood is freed from toxins, it can pump more efficiently and carry more oxygen to your brain to promote optimum functioning.

Common black pepper is also anti-parasitic, helping to remove parasites from your stomach to reduce bloating and hunger and improve digestion. Research even shows evidence of preventing malaria (

You can see that blood cleansing is super important for supporting respiration, immune defense, nutrient distribution, PH balance, and waste removal. Consuming black pepper is a great way to improve your health in so many ways.

There is one warning, however. Beware that black pepper is one of the 15 most commonly counterfeit foods. Watch for more information on that topic in a future blog. In the meantime, make sure you are purchasing pure, authentic spices. And choose organic to prevent adding more toxins.

Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper MillSince pepper can lose some of its flavor and nutrients after it is ground, it is best to purchase whole peppercorns and grind them fresh with a pepper mill. Use it generously, aiming for about 5 grams per day. In addition to adding pepper to your food, you can also make a special detox water with freshly squeezed lemon.

It’s incredible how simple changes in nutrition and lifestyle can really improve your energy and your health!

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 What To Remember:

Common black pepper is a remarkable blood cleanser.

This may protect your health against free radicals, heart disease, parasites, and more.

For optimum results, choose freshly ground, authentic organic black pepper.


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