Powerful Intentions Series: Your Greatest Potential Is In your Intentions Part 3

he greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” ― Molière

Intentions series part 3
Welcome, to the third phase of this exclusive  Intentions Series. Together in Part 1 and Part 2, we discovered why your greatest potential is in your intentions, and we also learned how to start setting your own. However, sometimes you’ll find unserving pathways that still block or restrict your potential. Let’s explore how you can use your intentions to erase those non-serving pathways and replace them with new ones that better serve your greatest potential.

Remember that you are always emitting your own unique frequency. It is through this frequency that you imprint your intention on the Universe. Non-serving pathways quiet your energy, preventing your intention from being projected loud and clear. Suppressed emotions, resentments, and self-doubts are three common unserving pathways that stunt our vibrations.

Other times it is fear that gets in the way. Psychologist Theo Tsaousides finds that “People with fear of failure often experience fatigue and low energy, they feel emotionally drained, they are more dissatisfied with their lives, they experience chronic worry and hopelessness, and their performance in the relevant domains becomes objectively worse” (2017). When you can’t perform well, then you can’t accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Most people are unaware of their non-serving pathways, but there are telltale symptoms. Some clients report feeling emotionally drained for seemingly no reason. Others experience depression, fatigue, lethargy, uncontrolled anger, general bitterness, or anxiety. These symptoms prevent us from realizing our highest good, or even enjoying everyday life.
The good news is that once you are aware of an unserving pathway, you can use your intention to erase and replace it. Then you can move beyond your past to create a brighter future.

If we sit and reflect on our lives honestly and without judgement, we are able to identify the patterns that hold us back. Everyone’s pattern is different. They often mascaraed as excuses, compulsions or addictions. Examples might be procrastination, blaming others, avoidance, binge eating, negative self-talk or overspending.

Explore your subconscious with kindness and compassion. Look around until you find the origin of the pattern. Is it a statement someone said, or maybe an experience that made you feel uncomfortable? Sometimes we develop patterns to avoid discomfort, but they also result in avoiding success. If you have trouble locating your pattern, consider applying the assistance of reiki, meditation, or an intuitive practitioner.

Once you have identified your non-serving pathway, use the power of intention to break free. Set a strong intention to release what is holding you back. Here is a broad example of an affirmation you may use: “I intend to move forward and release all that is unserving.” Remember, the more confident, personal, and specific you are—the more powerful the intention will be.

Again, you can reinforce your intention with visualization. Visualize the network of chakras and meridians that run through your body. Imagine them like freely flowing streams. Follow these streams to the dam which represents your non-serving pathway. In your mind, watch as the dam is dissolved. Observe the water flowing away from your unserving pattern. Breathe out any unserving energy. Now watch as the sparkling clean water reroutes in healthier directions.

Be sure to replace your unserving patterns or beliefs with more empowering affirmations to prevent reoccurrence. Once you have released any blocks and restored healthier pathways, you’ll feel lighter, more confident, and more motivated to move forward. Now you’re ready to unlock your potential and accept the healthy, amazing life you deserve.

If you are struggling to erase non-serving pathways and unlock your greatest potential, schedule an Intuitive Healing session with Rose.


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What To Remember:

Sometimes we develop potential-limiting patterns to avoid discomfort.

Set an intention to release any pathway that no longer serves you.

Follow-up by replacing the erased pathways with empowering affirmations.



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