Extending The Spirit Of Giving Year Round

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

The holidays make us feel happy and generous. It is a natural time to give generously. Unfortunately, once the season has come and gone, people seem to forget that many people and organizations need support year-round. Food banks, animal shelters, and homeless facilities operate throughout the year, relying largely on the kindness of surrounding communities. As we drift away from the holidays, Energy Matters, LLC. urges you to extend that spirit of giving year-round. Keep reading to learn why.

There are many benefits to donating funds, goods, and services to those in need. Some are more obvious than others. When you give openly and generously, you spread wonderful positive energy—broadcasting kindness out into the Universe. And it brings a great sense of personal fulfillment, too. Studies even suggest that giving and volunteering is good for your health.

Beautycounter: Cleaner Beauty, Natural Ingredients. Free Consultation with Farrell BoghosPsychologist Michael McKee explains that while stress leads to illness, “giving can reverse its deadly effects regardless of whether you give time or money or if it's to a loved one or complete stranger.” In this way, spreading the spirit of giving may improve your energy and your health.

Also, consider the direct benefit enjoyed by the recipient. Thanks to your donation, a hungry family may have enough to eat for one more week, a dog or cat may be rescued, or a homeless individual may sleep in a warm bed instead of out in the dangerous cold. Even a small gift can make a huge difference for someone who is struggling. Though most people are willing to help, we often aren’t sure how to get started.

Here are a few ideas:

Extending The Spirit Of Giving Year RoundDonate funds, bedding, or warm clothing to a homeless facility.
- Instead of birthday gifts, donate to a good cause in your loved one’s honor.
- Deliver funds, pet food, blankets, or pet toys to an animal shelter.
- Give to your local soup kitchen.
- Bring lunch to our busy first responders.
- Donate money or nonperishable groceries to the closest food bank.
- If you really can’t afford to give this year, consider volunteering some time instead.

    Let’s remember to help our neighbors year-round. It benefits us and our community in so many ways. This is a good time to mark your calendar with monthly or quarterly reminders to give a little to those in need. Make it part of your New Years' resolution to give more often throughout the coming year.

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    What To Remember:

    The holidays spark an avalanche of generous giving.
    Charity organizations still need help year-round.
    Giving is Healing.


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