Emit Your Own Frequency

“You live in a vibrational universe. You have control over the signal you emit. You are the creator of your own experience.” -Abraham Hicks




Like all living beings, you emit a vibrational frequency. It is this frequency that connects you to the universal energy shared by everything on earth. When you are timid, external forces can shift your frequency, higher or lower, throughout your day. Proudly and passionately emit your own frequency. Broadcast your intention. Imprint it on the universe. Share your vibration to manifest your own highest good.

A healthier, happier state of being is associated with a higher vibration. Emotional and physical stress can drain your energy, resulting in a lower frequency. Clinical studies show that being exposed to people, chemicals, sounds, and other stimuli with low frequencies can have negative effects on your own vibration and overall health.

The flip side is that you can also affect our own frequency in a profound way by changing your thought patterns and the ways you perceive the universe. Practices like meditation and energetic clearing can cleanse and recharge your frequency.  This restores your natural sense of harmony and frees your natural frequency. Then it is able to flourish and imprint your intention on the universe, rather than having every person, place or thing imprint on you. You become less vulnerable to what is around you and more powerful as a vessel of energy.

Emit Your Own Frequency, blog, Energy Matters LLCYour own frequency is your own personal power zone and the most direct pathway to empowerment. It carries with it a deeper level of consciousness that attracts your highest good. When your own frequency aligns with the best of the universe, you begin to manifest your intentions—along with inner joy and peace. Your purpose becomes clearer and the path less turbulent.

In short, when you discover and emit your own frequency, you become the master of your own reality, instantly. Author Barbara Marciniak writes, “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence."

This new level of consciousness makes you more powerful than you ever might have realized. You begin to align yourself with your purpose and inner power. At once the universe begins to open to your highest good. The more confidence you have in emitting your own frequency, the more your reality begins to reflect that in your experiences. At once you stop being a powerless victim of circumstance and claim your destiny as an energetic creation of the universe.

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What To Remember:

Every living being emits a vibrational frequency.

Life challenges can drain your energy and lower your frequency.

You hold the powerful ability to cleanse and recharge.

Emitting and imprinting your own frequency is empowering and unlocks your greatest good.


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