Cognitive Decline Linked To Processed Foods!

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For years, we have recognized that processed foods are bad for our health. Eating these products may increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Lacking nutrient density, these foods are often associated with overeating and obesity. New research now reveals a clear link between consuming processed foods and developing cognitive decline. The foods we eat affect our brain function. In order to think healthy, we need to eat healthily.
Cognitive Decline Linked To Processed Foods!

The new research was presented at the Alzheimer's Association’s International Conference. The study shows that even as little as one hundred calories worth of processed food can reduce mental functioning. Regular consumption of highly processed foods can cause significant cognitive decline. "The fact we're seeing these effects so quickly is a little bit alarming," said senior study author Ruth Barrientos, an investigator in The Ohio State University Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research.

Processed Foods That Cause Cognitive Decline

So, what foods should you avoid to protect your brain? The obvious offenders are things like soda, juice, packaged cookies, instant noodles, canned soups, frozen dinners, and lunchmeat. Despite misleading packaging many supposedly low fat, low carb, or low-calorie foods are also highly processed. Other foods to avoid include anything with bioengineered ingredients, which today include many oils, grains, and plant-based meat substitutes.

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The biggest concern with these types of foods is that they aren’t natural. They contain bioengineered ingredients that our bodies are not meant to consume.

By following the science, we learn that these foods stimulate dangerous inflammation that interferes with our brain’s neurotransmitters. Recall that brain inflammation is the primary driver behind the onset and progression of Alzheimer's. Highly processed and bioengineered foods also introduce invisibly small but powerful bacteria which impair a variety of bodily functions—including those related to brain function. As a result, we may have difficulty remembering, focusing, and processing information.

Protecting Your Brain Health Through Whole Nutrition

Before purchasing or consuming highly processed food, stop and think about all of the costs. Not only are these foods less cost-effective than whole foods like wild salmon or fresh vegetables, fruits, or nuts, but they also contain little nutrition and can damage your physical and mental health.

Instead, opt for clean, organic foods. Save time by meal prepping instead of reaching for fast food or frozen pizza. Meal prepping provides the same convenience without the harm. You’ll save money and protect your health.

Cognitive Decline Linked To Processed Foods!

Two additional ways to safeguard your health is to drink plenty of water and get some form of exercise every day. Staying hydrated and actively sweating both aid your body in eliminating toxins you may have ingested.

Everyone is busy, but it is important to put your health first. You only get one body and one mind. Nourish them well.

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What to Remember:

Processed foods are bad for our health. They contribute to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

Processed, bioengineered foods cause inflammation that may lead to cognitive decline.

Protect your body and mind by consuming pure, organic whole foods.


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