Astrological Changes Bring An Opportunity To Refresh Your Intentions

Energize life-changing intentions.

Astrological changes happening with the change of season bring an opportunity for a fresh start. Now is the time for upping our intentions. Intentions are visualized goals that lead our thoughts, attitudes, and choices. When charged with positive energy, focus, and action, our intentions become our reality. Take some time to ponder your own intentions. What changes or realizations would bring you a greater sense of joy and wellness?

Soon the new moon will bring energy to supercharge your intentions. In fact, September 17 brings the first of three new moon supermoons (PennLive, 2020). This means the first phase of the new moon will occur when the moon is at is closest approach to earth. Proximity also means potency.

This is an exciting time for new projects and new beginnings. Write down your intentions for this new phase. You can also form them into a mantra to repeat throughout the month. The clearer and more specific you are in your intentions, the more supportive the Universe will become. Set a strong foundation now to guide the way.

As the new moon aligns with the sun in Virgo, it welcomes a time of focused, organized energy. This phase is particularly beneficial for health and wellness focused intentions. Embrace a fresh start to energize lifestyle changes. Now is the prime time to start eating better or exercising more. Take time to care for your mental health and foster fulfilling relationships.

Another large influence is Saturn, a planet which oversees hard work, structure, and discipline—exactly what is needed to realize your intentions. However, keep in mind that setting an intention is not a path to instant gratification. The secret to success is patience. You may need to push through discomfort to reach your highest good. Be prepared to stay the course.

Mars will to be in retrograde until November 13th, which will continue to propel us forward and bring motivation for change. Mars in retrograde can also bring resistance. The key is to maintain balance and embrace the path forward without force, without giving up. Sometimes we must embrace uncertainly in order to enjoy change.

Astrological Changes Bring An Opportunity To Refresh Your Intentions

At times when you feel challenged, focus on your intention. Visualize the light that may be found at the end of the path.

An intention is more than just a statement. It is a vessel for creating your own reality. When you are clear about your intentions, the Universe begins to work with you. Set your new intentions now and prepare for a fresh and uplifting change as summer transitions into fall. 

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What To Remember:

Astrological changes signal a new season and new possibilities.

This is an ideal time to supercharge your intentions.

When your intention is clear, the Universe will work with you.



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