Frankincense Spray 4 oz.

Frankincense Spray 4 oz.

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 Rose’s Bouquet Frankincense Spray for personal, pet, and space clearing arrives in a sturdy amber bottle with a lovely label featuring peach-colored roses. Two small amethysts are included inside the bottle to aid in shaking and activation. The spray itself is scentless. It expands into the environment softly yet effectively, providing a pleasant and convenient way to clear non-serving energies.

The Frankincense spray is handcrafted in small batches with pure and simple ingredients, including frankincense resin, distilled water, and a little brandy as a preservative. The spray is cycled through full moon energy and placed inside an energy grid to lock in the desired frequency.

When the energies in your space no longer serve you, or require an uplifting, clear the slate with a good shake and a few pumps of this Frankincense spray. You can spritz yourself, your space or both.

It may be used at the start and end of every day and any time in between. In addition to clearing, it can be used for anointing and purifying. Spray generously as needed to remedy or prevent energetic congestion. This frankincense spray nurtures Kalki — the spirit of cleansing.

Frankincense has a reputation for cleansing and calming. If you are sensitive, you may observe a release of particles departing your body as contact is made with the spray. Even if you are not a sensitive, you will find yourself feeling clearer and calmer as a sense of quiet stillness emerges.

This works because frankincense resin emits a high vibrational frequency of 147MHz. Inhaling vibrations of this frequency may stimulate brain receptors that control your perception of warmth and regulate your emotions. Similarly, as the atmosphere comes in contact with this vibration, it also has the potential to establish a protective force field of sorts that transmutes nonserving energies.

It may be beneficial to energetically broadcast your intention to release any non-serving energies. You may choose to be specific as you set this intention, or trust in the intuition of your higher self to release that which no longer serves you. Note that these non-serving energetic energies can sometimes be barriers of your own creation—internal thoughts that hold you back. Release them with Rose’s Bouquet Frankincense Spray for personal, pet, and space clearing.

Benefits of Rose’s Bouquet Frankincense Energy Clearing Spray

  • Releases Non-Serving Energies

  • Restores Harmony

  • Clears and Balances Chakras

  • Feel Better Instantly

  • Clears Energy Field

  • Improves Your Wellbeing

  • Feel Lighter

  • Be Happier

  • Clears Spaces

  • Reenergizes

  • Encourages Healing

Spraying Tip

You may set your intention to remove, replace or exchange a thought pattern. Spray your whole body and around your head. Wait a minute. Then check in with yourself and notice what you are feeling and experiencing. Acknowledge what you feel, and spray yourself again. Repeat until you feel balanced.

*Advisement: Herbal preparations that contain frankincense, including this spray, should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding without the express approval of a qualified healthcare professional.

Frankincense Resin
Distilled water
Brandy as a preservative

4 oz.